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Avid introduce two new option part for the Team Associated RC8.2 platform in the form of adjustable aluminium rear hubs and a rear chassis brace support. The aluminium rear hubs incorporate many adjustments available for the first time on the RC8 platform. First, the hubs feature 3.5mm thick carbon fibre mounting towers which can be flipped to have a total of 8 possible upper link locations for fine-tuning.** Secondly, the rear hinge pin pivots on machined delrin inserts which can be flipped or changed to get 1 of 4 possible axle height locations in 1mm increments. The hubs are made of 7075 aluminium and then machined with the signature machined highlight.* Each set includes two aluminium hubs, four hub towers, four standard hub inserts, four mid hub inserts,* mounting hardware and an Avid mini decal sheet.

The second new part is the rear chassis brace support made from 2.0mm carbon fibre. It stiffens the braces upper mount hole and prevents it from splitting during a crash. Installation required modification on the existing plastic brace and also a 3/32” (2.3mm) drill bit.

Source: Avid [avidrc.com]

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