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I don't want a lot of Paypals, but if you ONLY can pay by paypal due to work and other commitments, I'll run them through my account. Here's the break out of the costs:

One Set of Cars

$27 + $2 for paypal fees = Total $29.00

Two Sets of Cars and One Chase Car

$67 + $3 for paypal fees = Total $70.00

Two extra sets with Chase Car

$60 + $3 for paypal fees = Total $63.00

First E-mail Mark and reserve a set and tell him you are using Paypal. After you get a confirmation e-mail back from Mark, E-mail me at [email protected] and I will give you the paypal account to use. Please tell me what you are buying, Pace car or Charity Car and amount. Once I receive the payment I will transfer it to my checking account and send it to Mark along with your name.

Please, this is only for those that don't have checking accounts and can't get money orders. Thanks.

And yes, I am making a small amount of profit in these transactions.


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GeraldE61 said:
If I didn't say that, someone would have brought it up. Funny though, no one has taken me up on the offer yet.
I would have but I took my break from work and ran to the bank and then to the closest store. If this is offered for future sales I will definately use this. Thank you for making this possible!

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