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My opinions:

-AW looks closer to the real car. They were long and narrow.
-I prefer the separate chrome bumpers of the DM.
-I will try narrow wheels on the AW, don't care for the wheels sticking out.
-DM is more nostalgic of 60's slot cars, I LIKE IT!
-AW truer to real. I LIKE IT!

Avanti's have always been one of my favorite cars. My friends and I used to drive the salesmaen crazy at the Studebaker dealership always going in and sitting in the Avanti's. (stop trying to figure out how old I am, I'm 54)

I have all of the colors of the DM Avanti with different wheels & tires. I will probably buy more. I will get more of the AW Avanti's and put different wheels & tires on them too.

Thanks Auto World and Dash Motorsports!

FYI - The Dash Avanti was patterned after the Faller Avanti.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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