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My 3rd Hobby Lobby score in two days. When the general public realizes M2s are there these easy finds will be over.

Sweet Finding Craig, am heading out to one this weekend hope to be as lucky as you?.....:thumbsup:
I agree. I have not mentioned it to any other local collector.

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You drove 30 miles for a Hobby Lobby?
Huh! I have one and it's at least 30 miles/minutes away! And has nothing! It reminds me more of a Michael's Craft store than a hobby shop.
There are 4 Hobby Lobbys within 25 miles of home, and I found chases at each although at one it looked like some things were missing, the others still had all the cars. I told no one else save for a collector 50 miles away, he had 2 stores to hit but I dunno' what he may have found. I have little chance of finding good stuff at most stores but when I read on here about something like Walmart end caps and the Marshall's and Hobby Lobbys I can do alright. I just stop in when I'm out working, although my new job doesn't take me nearly as far nor leave me as much time to shop... Sacrifices we must make to put food on the table.

As for them being like a Michael's, that's true. Theres a lot of arts and craft stuff in them, and plenty of home decor stuff like a Marshall's, but they do have a good selection of model kits which are hard to find anywhere else, and some slot cars and stuff for toy trains and such, and odd Greenlight cars. It's not really a hobby store or toy store though. There was a store near here called Flower Factory that was similar, and they even had 1:24 Nascar diecast but little in the way of flowers. Go figure.

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