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Guys - keep an eye out for an ebayer - buys as adaptimproviseovercome and sells as hepkat63 in Australia. adaptimproviseovercome keeps his feedback private, much like his US counterpart Nate (buying for Boosa)

He has purchased some stuff I've repaired (and I'm definitely no Bill Hall!) and is selling it without any mention of the repair - not the first to do that, but still not right. He will also give you low star feedback if you charge him beyond actual shipping costs yet he charges several times higher to ship back to the US.

It also looks like he may be employing shill bidding - look at his six current items titled "HO Slot Car Vintage Aurora Tomy AFX Lot (4)" all of these items have a $34.99+ opening bid from the same buyer with a feedback of (5) with more than seven days to go. It's not a bad price but you usually don't see bidding on cars like this this early in the auction cycle and some of the cars are duplicates. Could just be a coincidence.


Maybe not dishonest, but not exactly above board.
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