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Aurora Plastics Corporation was formed in March 1954 as an injection molded plastic toy maker by Joseph E. Giammarino and Abe Shikes in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1952, they introduced their first small sized plastic model kits of 1:48 scale aircraft models called "U-Ma-Kit".

In 1953, the "Brooklyn Eight" Series followed.

They moved to West Hempstead, Long Island in 1954.

In the late 1950s, the purchased the Playcraft firm located in England. They were also a plastic toy maker who also made slot cars.

By 1965 they had a series of 1:32 scale slot car kits in market.

Through 1968, Aurora was primarily known as a slot car manufacturer. Selling their Thunderjet models along with electrified track sets.

In response to Mattel's Hot Wheels cars, they introduced their slot car bodies without a motorized base. Instead, a metal base with 'free wheeling wheels' made of rubber (?) were used. Aurora called them by the "Cigar Box" name and made them until 1972. They could be found individually boxed or in (12) car sets. A carry case was also availabe. Some of the bodies were done in a chromed plastic finish.

In 1969, a new line up called "Speedline" was introduced with plastic wheels to roll faster on the available gravity track sets. A 'Loop and Bank' set was also introduced to feature the improved rolling power. Castings were also available in blister carded kits called "Hop-Up Kit". Later on manufacturering was moved to Singapore and the packaging named changed to "Freewheeling Racers".

Aurora's founders retired in 1969 and the company was sold to unamed outside investors who then sold the company to Nabisco in 1971.

During the early 1970s, cars could be found in 3 packs called "Super Speedsters".

Production of the diecast cars ceased in 1970 or 2(?).

In 1984, Tomy (Japan) purchased Aurora and was still making AFX/Aurora slot cars in 2006.

In the late 1990s, Playing Mantis introduced a series called "Polar Lights" which reissued some of Aurora’s most popular kits and diecasts

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HobbyTalk members @Zeezeerider

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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list compiled by @Atencio March 2013

6101- 63 Chevy Corvette
6102- Ferrari 275
6103- 65 Mako Shark II Concept Corvette
6104- 66 Ford J- Car
6105- 66 Ford GT40
6106- 63 Lola GT Mark VI
6107- 67 Ford Galaxie XL
6108- 65 Oldsmobile Toronado
6109- 64 Buick Riviera
6110- 68 Ford Thunderbird
6111- Ferrari 330 P4
6112- 65.Porsche 904
6113- 64,Shelby Daytona Cobra
6114- 66 Chaparral Can Am
6115- 67 Chevy Camaro
6116- 67 Mercury Cougar
6117- 65 McLaren Elva Mk 1
6118- 65 Ford Mustang. Convertible. 2 versions- Top up and down
6119- Meyers Manx Dune Buggy. 2 versions- With and without canopy top
6120- 67 DeTomaso Mangusta
6121- Lola Ford Formula 1
6122- Ferrari Formula 1
6123- Cooper/ Maserati Formula 1
6124- Lotus Ford Formula 1
6125- Honda Formula 1
6126- BRM Formula 1
6127- Jaguar XKE
6128- 65 Ford Mustang (not sure what this is. Have not seen)
6129- 66 Shelby Cobra
6130- 67 Pontiac Firebird
6131- Willys coupe gasser
6133- 64. Cheetah
6153- VW Beetle
6154- 68 Dodge Charger
6155- 68 Ford Torino fastback
?- Ford Ice Cream Truck.

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list provided by @Lummox from 1969 (99?) Auto World Catalog 1969 releases.

6101 Stingray
02 Ferrari Berlinetta
03 MAko Shark
04 Ford J car
05 Ford GT
06 Lola Gt
07 Ford XL 500
08 Toronado
09 Riviera
10 T-Bird
11 Dino Ferrari
12 Porsche 904
13 Cobra
14 Chaparral

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always was an Aurora fan and still am.
apparently a distant relative of one of the founders has begun manufacturing plastic model kits based on originals.
probably more info about that on the model forums.
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