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Aurora Comic Scenes Superman posted with pics

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Just finished this kit up lastnight the Super man Comic scenes by Aurora.I did all the seam work on superman cause the fitting on him was horrible and tried to capture that 50's tv look of the costume he wore back then,But for some reason the camera made it bluer than usual.But anyway all comments are welcomed.


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Dan, very nice all around, the brick colors are spot on, well done on a Bill Lemon sculpt,great choice of colors the seam work is very good also, maybe your best seam work on a styrene so far model on

Thanks Randy for the compliments on my Superman :) .I will say it was fun painting and building the kit up,But the seam work to do on Superman was a Nightmare to get done.But hopefully the 66 Batman will be alot easyer to do since its the first run of the kit :)
Nice job! Love the way you painted the bricks, mortar joints and the steel too. I for one am a fan of making the seams smooth regardless of the kit. Looks real good!
Thanks Duck Fink for the compliments :thumbsup:
Another great build Wolfman!
Thanks Steven Coffey for the compliments :)
Very nice! :thumbsup: The middle picture makes you want to duck!
Great looking Superman! You did very good on capturing the look of our hero, and the bricks are very real looking.
Lloyd Collins,AFILMDUDE Thanks Guys for the compliments and much appreciated :)
Great job. Nice, clean paint job. The bricks look great!

Cappy D
Thanks Cappy D for the compliments :)
Great job, Wolfman!! There is such a difference between the repops that I have and the Aurora releases. Great work on the seams!!

Thanks Wayne for the compliments :) .
SEAMS...?.....What seams...? ...I don't see no stinkin' seams.......!
Nice one Wolfie !
Great job on the kit...the bricks and Supes look amazing!...That's the type of work I'm sloooowly trying to get to.
opus289 Thanks for the compliments :) .Its tough doing the seam work on these old Aurora specially if you get ones already builtup on ebay,But the best thing to do is take your time and youll get good results that away. :)
Wow, Wolf, NICE!

I still have my Supes in the box, and will use your pictures as a guide when time comes to build him. The face and bricks look particularly amazing.

Just one question though... why the yellow trim on top of the boots?

Also, thanks for the heads up on the Ranger parts, it looks like they may have the bedroll part I need.


Thanks for the compliments and as for the yellow trim on the boots well that was just to liven up the boots some and also to match the belt and the yellow behind his s on the chest :) .Bunky brothers from time to time get in alot of ranger parts so keep checking them often in the mean time going to look later for those other parts ya need might have them laying around somewhere in my box of parts. :)
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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