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Aurora Ankylasuarus and Allosaurus bases

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I hope it's OK to put this thread here and I do have it in the Swap and Sell.
I am offering the Ankylosaurus base side that is missing. This is the half of the Aurora Ankyosaurus base that Revell-Monogram with there new release of this kit does not have. They also have renamed the kit The Tank instead of Armored Dinosaur. All you need to do is just line them up, glue, putty a little and then paint. I have sold 7 so far with this new run. 5 have been on ebay but they charge too much I think. I'm sell the missing side of the base for $15 plus $7 shipping. I would prefer to selling them this way through emails because ebay charges $2 for each one I sell. Now that's a big profit. I've sold only 2 through emails so far.
Also thinking about doing the Allosaurus base because they didn't include any of the base with that one. If interested please let me know because if there is a demand I'll do that one too. So I've had 3 people so far ask about this base. Now if I get a good demand I'll do that one too! Please let me know. Thanks all!:wave:

Happy Aurora Trails!
Chinxy! :dude:
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1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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