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OK since I am in the hosting and design business I have a domain I never use for anything but thought it was cool at the time


So in order to put it to some use I thought we might toss up a simple auction system for the folks here. I just thought it might be an easy system for those folks that have an item to sell and dont want to spend all day with PM and email and just let the system do the work. Also, might be of use for things like the Logan pre auction and fest cars.

Of course it is not intended for the scalper or reseller (well not in overload) Meaning if you got a great deal on a case or a car well then its OK as long as its a benefit to the board. Without the fees associated with Ebay,etc.

What I am looking at is not that fancy but appears to do the job. If we have lots of interest I can look at other open source products. But the one they use at the National Corvette Museum seems to run itself.


IN no way would I want to step on anyones toes here. So it would have to be approved by Bobby and crew,etc. Its just a free service I thought I could give back to the JL fans since I cant make diecast!

Of course the entire thing will be free and no sponsor ads,etc. If it grows to require lots of man (or woman hours) then I might take on sponsors but only in turn to give it back to the board and HT. But I would like it to be a free for all with those rules determined here!

Also, we can offer chat, email,shopping cart,etc.

Who knows maybe one day a WL fnhorsepower.com car?
Its all about the horses baby!

So please give me your feedback and if you feel you need a letter email me at [email protected]

Once again this is not a sales pitch just a hobby since I spend way too much time here anyway :)
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