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This is Monster Hobbies calling YOU!

By popular demand of this fourm, the question has been asked by everyone if you would like to join forces with me to sell your models here at Monster Hobbies and Monster Hobbies online.

If this appeals to you, I'm game.

Actually, what I'd like to do, if you guys come onboard, is to have an online model building contest sponsored by Monster Hobbies. I would buy a number of your models and then sell them at my web site, specifically for the contest.

Contestants would have the choice of building one of your monster models (each). It could be a VS match, like Frankenstein VS the Wolfman, except it will be Mobeous VS Monarch.

Contestants would have 2 months to build their models and then post the pics onto a special posty topic here on this web site. All three of us could get together and judge for 1st, 2nd and 3rd via E-mail on the deadline date.

For prizes, the first place prize would be both of your new releases, an Electric Frankenstein T-shirt, CD and a 30% discount card and plaque from me. Second place would be an Electric Frankenstein T-shirt and CD, a 25% discount card and a plaque from me and Third place would be a plaque from me and a 20% discount card.

All entries could get a 10% discount card to send in on any order they make online from our Monster Hobbies site.

Does this sound like a good idea?

Let me know.

Trevor Ursulescu
Monster Hobbies
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