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Trying to compile a list of who has extra tickets. So we can figure out who might need seats at tables filled. I know a group of wonderful Ladies that would love to join us for this event. And I am sure there are others who would enjoy the dinner.

This way the meal doesn't go to waste and the ticket buyers still get the event cars and goodies. If you have the table breakdown, please post that too, if you have the time.

I know you are a busy man. I will be happy to organize this again this year.

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Thanks Bobby for directing me to the table assignments, now if Mark could possibly get me the Hobby Talk IDs of the individuals with multiple tickets, so I can try and contact them to see if they will share thier empty seats, if they have not been filled already.

Rob McIntosh(robmcin)
Tom Gorman(T/A Tom)

I need the IDs for these 4. I know one of the Scotts is SCOTT1091, but which one?
Jon Soffa
Scott Moen
Scott Glasgow
Jon Wilson (2)

Here are the table assignments:

HobbyTalk Head Table
Tom Lowe c
Mac Ragan b
Art Anderson b
Tony Karamitsos b
Bobby Williams b
Debra Castle b
Silent Auction Winner c
Silent Auction Winner c
PM Guest
PM Guest

Mini Motors Table 1
Gerald Endres b
Kenny Terry b
Kenny Terry c
Shane Hillman b
Jacob Hillman h
Steve Hillman b
Scott Glasgow b
Scott Glasgow b
Mark Boemer b
Ron Zawistowski b

Troncalli Table 2
Mark Hosaflook h
Kim Hosaflook c
Adam Hosaflook h
Kelly Hosaflook c
Mike Groothuis b
Rhonda Conover b
John Hooper b
Laura Hooper b
Stephanie Hooper b
Peter Modaffari c

Mac's Little Cars Table 3
Rob McIntosh b
Rob McIntosh b
Sherry McIntosh c
Amanda Mcintosh c
Larry Gevock b
Nathan Gevock h
Brian Hedrick b
Stacy Starner b
Shawn Viar b
Jennifer Dillon b

Lightning Lane Table 4
Rick Adams b
Rhonda Carter b
Tom Gorman b
Tom Gorman c
Dean Taylor b
Kim Taylor b
Bill Terek h
Pat Terek h
Amanda Terek h
Rob Johnson b

Dave Machesney Slot Car Table 5
Dave Machesney b
Lisa Machesney c
Ron Wenger b
Laurie Wenger b
Ron Easton b
Carole Easton c
Kevin Rhodes c
Walter Michaels b
Lorraine Michaels b
J Michaels b

Voxxer Racing Table 6
Jon Soffa c
Jon Soffa c
Bob Bowman b
Glenda Bowman c
Phil Smeigh b
Bart Nash b
Alan Nash b
Preston Bost b
Paul Bender c
Ilaine Bender b

Playing Mantis Table 7
Gary Schmitz b
Nathan Schmitz b
Jordan Schmitz c
Kevin Slepecky b
Bill Dudar b
Scott Moen b
Scott Moen c
Dave Woppert b
James Moore c
Jeremiah Moore c

Johnny Lightning Table 8
Steve Graber c
Cindy Graber b
Roger Willis b
Dave Crosswhite c
Glen Williams b
Rose Williams b
Dawn Mullin b
Dan Mullin b
Cecil Douglass b
Bobbi Douglass b

Polar Lights Table 9
Bryan Murphy c
Michelle Murphy c
Al Miller b
Keith Miller b
Paul Forster b
Pat Dersey b
Bob Dersey b
Larry Smith c
Chuck Coakley c
Chis Dong b

Street Freaks Table 10
Ron Franks b
Anita Franks b
Will DeYoe c
Gwen DeYoe c
Michael Gallent ?
Mark Wade b
Michael Wade b
Burt Luitink b
Tammy Romanowski b
Kyle Krimin c

Carney Plastics Table11
James Sporich h
Wendy Sporich h
James Sporich Jr. h
Glenn Roth b
Franklin Gentry b
Bill Daughenbaugh b
Colleen Daughenbaugh c
Andrew Collins h
Sean Carney c
Damon Raub b

X-Traction Table 12
Jon Wilson b
Jon Wilson b
Jon Wilson b
Craig Fillmon b
Linda Fillmon b
Marc Polizzi b
David Berten b
Gabe Beauperthuy c
Trisha Beauperthuy b
Tyson Beauperthuy h

Fest Pace Car Table 13
Brad Hedrick b
Amy Hedrick b
Jim Holloway b
Wyatt Davis b
Ed Bram b
Sue Bram b
Mike Howard b
Sonia Ryan B
Tanya Ryan b
Clayton Ryan h

Fest Cuda Table 14
Lendell Peery b
Michael McCartney b
John White b

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As it stands right now I only need the IDs of these individuals:

Jon Soffa
Scott Moen
Scott Glasgow
Jon Wilson (2)

Because they appear to have multiple tickets, as thier names appear at the tables multiple times. So I am assuming that they do not have anyone to fill thier extra seats. But maybe they have done so since sending in thier ticket money??? I myself have one and possibly two. I will most likely start a new thread asking if anyone has extra tickets or if anyone who has bought tickets can not attend, but still want thier Dinner Package and is willing to let them have thier meal.

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Many people bought two tickets under their own name because at the time they had no idea if they were bringing a spouse, a friend, wanted two sets, not enough to eat for one meal etc. I can't possibly police this to know if the person is doing this to get two sets of cars or if they are really bringing two people and to be honest, I don't want to know. I assume these people will find a body to assist them in what ever they are doing. I don't match up HT names to real names and have nothing on record to help with that. All the reservations are under real names and if they note what their HT name is, I don't make record of it. I have no idea where many of these people come from, HT, Mini-Motors, Lightning Lane, Joe Falco's place, NewsFlash, Lurkers , word of mouth? It is sponsored by HT but not exclusive to HT.

Jon Soffa is Voxxer and he is the slot car contest sponsor so he is easy to track down. The others will have to come forward if they want. I update that list as I know of the changes.

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I will be there and intend to bring my boys but they might not be able to make it afterall. Not for sure yet though. I have already mentioned this to one of the ladies in the customer service pic about the potential. I don't really want to get anyones hope up unnecessarily so at this time I still would say no to giving away my seats right now.

Are you bringing you son this year Shane? How many other kids will be attending? Anyone?
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