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I spent yesterday at the Atlantique City show which, for the uninformed, is the about the largest indoor antique and collectibles show in the world. You name it, you can find it at this show. A lot of the stuff there is a little high end for me, but I usually can find some gems tucked away in the corners or under the tables. This year I actually found my "Holy Grail", a talking Herman Munster from 1964 - I've been looking out for one for years. Unfortunately, it was so far out of my comfort range that I didn't even bother picking it up to look at it closer. :cry: I wound up setting a new record low for spending at this show. I bought one $5.00 Matchbox, then I spent $5.00 on a book about Matchboxes. After looking it up in the book, I found out I got a great deal on the car! :) Anyway, without further delay, I bring you Vantastic. It appears to be a Mustang with a station wagon roofline.

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