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There seems to be alot of excitement, from some, about HW releasing the old redline castings. I was 17 when they started making HW's and I had other things on my mind other than HW's so they really don't interest me. I'm curious about how old you guys are that crazy for the old stuff.
This is the first I've heard of it.

Could be interesting, since some of the molds were sold long ago and went to Argentina where they were produced by a toy company down there (I forget the name).

The Neet Streeter is pretty much the 36 Ford Coupe with the rumble seat sealed shut. The '67 Camaro has been made pretty much all along. The 55 Nomad I think originally came out in '69, the second year, but its been made pretty much all along with some name changes along the way. In '93 with the 25th anniversary they brought back several of the older castings like the Twin Mill, Silhouette, Beatnik Bandit, Paddy Wagon, Red Baron, Demon/Prowler, and Splittin' Image, and I think the Mustang. In '98 they did a box set of Spoilers, I guess they are considered in the 100% line-up, including Nitty Gritty Kitty, Heavy Chevy, King Kuda and Light My Firebird, and the Spoilers way back when were repops with no hood and open engines of muscle cars they already did.

From the first year there's not a whole lot that hasn't been redone in the last 15 or so years. I can think of the Hot Heap (because its a personal favorite), the Corvette (was sold to Argentina), the Eldorado, Fleetside, T-bird ('67), J-car, Python. All the rest of the first 16 have been done or redone in one way or other.

Should prove interesting. Would have been a great way to continue the Classics series into a 6th year...

I guess as long as they don't put PR5's on them, they should be OK.

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The Argentina redlines are Muky's.

Personally, I don't like them bringing the old redlines back. It ruins the collectible aspect of the original cars. They need to leave redlines in the past and concentrate on new designs.
Ah yes, Muky's! That's the one. One of these days I want to add some to my collection.

I agree that the original redlines should be distinct. There is too much temptation for crooks to doctor things up to try to pass them off as "real." Especially when carded examples can go for many hundreds of dollars.

This years releases
Red Baron
Sugar Caddy

I figure the guys that like this stuff are in their mid to late 40's. They remember playing with the older stuff as a kid. Kind of a nostalgia thing
Of course...I resemble that "mid to late 40's" remark, but pretty much all "toy collecting" *is* a form of nostalgia, whether Barbie dolls or marbles or Tonkas or 1/64 diecast. Most of the diecast manufacturers out there now are playing on the nostalgia streak.

Wasn't Tri-Baby made later under another name? I don't particularly care for that casting anyway. Rocket-Bye-Baby is just ugly. A-OK really should have gotten a lot more airplay, but the word is that the mold broke and that is why it had such a short run. Did HWC already redo that one? Sugar Caddy is one I would have liked to have as a kid, and its cool enough, depends what they do with it.

The Neet Streeter was originally released in 1976, and is thus a redline in it's own respect.

The Nomad came out in 1970, and was known as the "Classic Nomad." In 1973, it was released as the "Alive 55", and was cast as that name until 1977. In the early '90s the car came back, with a different front end, and has since gone under such names as the "Classic 55 Nomad", "Classic Chevy Nomad", "55 Nomad", "Nomad", "Chevy Nomad" and "Classic Nomad".
That's cool. I was shooting from the hip, I don't have my Tomarts in front of me. Point is, the casting is still being made, and the bottom still carries the 1969 patent date...and crooks try to pass them off as old to naive new collectors. I see it all the time, and it p!sses me off that people try to do that to others that don't know any better.

The Custom Fleetside has indeed been re-cast, albeit for the HWC. It was actually a really good recast too. Another couple that you missed that haven't been recast are the Custom Firebird and the Custom VW Bug(the 1989 cast of the VW Bug is completely unrelated).
Mea Culpa, my bad. I don't really care much about HWC, I think its an overpriced hook for suckers with more money than brains...my opinion.

The Firebird was remade in the 100% line in 1998, possibly I am mistaking it with Light My Firebird (remake), but of the few 100% cars I have, I have two of the Firebird. I'm not sure if they are zamac or just silver paint, but I'm pretty sure they've got the hood on them. South Texas lists the 1968 Firebird in the 100% line for 1998, but has no image.

And I thought HWC also did the remake of the VW Bug with the V8 through the hood? Maybe I am thinking of the Evil Weevil.

As for actual recasts and re releases, I think it's great, as long as the car looks good. I know Mattel has re-casted several of the original redlines for the HWC and the RLC, and many of them have been really good. There have been a few though, like the Heavy Chevy and the King Kuda from the Classics line a few years ago, that were completely ugly, and in no way resembled the originals. The King Kuda recast barely even looks like a Plymouth Barracuda!
I think that may be because they did do a little detailing on them in the anniversary set, painted headlights for instance. My 30th anniversary set of Spoilers is absolutely one of my favorite pieces and would be one of the last I would ever willingly part with. I've got the Classics series as well, not all colors but all I could find on my own without the auction sites.

To each their own.

Nice to meet you, BTW.
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