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A lot of us remember seeing ads for Sea Monkeys years ago. They looked like this:


They even modernized the ads for today's youth:


And much to our disappointment what we ended up actually getting was something like this:


So I was very skeptical when I saw an ad advertising "Sea Angels" that you could grow from eggs. But anyway, I sent away for them a while back just to see what I would get in return for my money (they weren't that expensive). It was to an address in China, and I sent away for them before the current situation affected all the mail coming from that country. So they've been languishing on a shelf until I could find the time to actually try them out.

I received two brownish eggs, some powder, a vented cap, and some test tubes. There was some loosely translated instructions included, so I tried to follow them as best I could. I mixed the powder with cooled sterile (boiled) water, placed the egg in the test tube, and poured the reddish liquid in. I then covered the test tube with the vented cap.




I placed the test tube in a cool dark area, and waited the seven days.
To my utter amazement, the egg hatched. And here it is:




Unfortunately, the instructions don't indicated what to do once the egg has hatched. Maybe you're supposed to empty the contents into an aquarium, but that's a contingency I hadn't planned for. I'll just wait a few days to see what happens.
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Sea Monkeys ..... " These “instant-life crystals” are actually eggs of the sometimes-asexually reproducing hybrid brine shrimp, ...."

Sea Angels ..... " In Japan, shell-less pteropods known as sea angels that prey exclusively on sea butterflies (their shelled relatives) frequently wash ashore, borne on currents from the arctic. ..."


not the same as Sea Monkeys
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