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Anyone see these before?

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I picked up these from wally but there where only 2 and the lady in the toy department had never seen them before...and she is the one who ordered it...lol I picked up both since they where 4 bucks each.

Anyways no other wally i have been to has had these so i wanted to ask

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I've seen a couple of them. I think Rob had a thread about these a while back.
I have the 69 Mach 1. Nice car but it had some minor issues durring assembly, nothing visible, just tight fit issues.
I saw them, but they were alot more $$ than four bucks.
had to pass on them, as I build plastic models in this scale, and already have plenty of both vehicles.
at four dollars though I might have been tempted.
I've seen those at KB, but they weren't four bucks :( Nice pickups!
is that a white interior on the top one? maybe a wl? i havent seen these but ive seen some jl 1:24 scale plastic models (like the revel ones) that come with a diecast 1:64 CAR
lol I dont think the mustang is a white but it does have a white interior cheers
I've seen these at KB's before, but only place i saw them. (ps, they all have white interiors)
I saw some at Marshalls or TJs I believe during Xmas season. Don't remember the price though.
they came and they went....like a lot of the 2006 releases....makin' way for the "new johnny" look i guess....
Those were at FESt and I picked up a case,3 of each, got em for $3.00 ..... Gabe musta had 20+ cases loading into his trailer
Nice cars for the price :thumbsup:
cool thanks for the info guys :wave:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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