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as you know im getting out of collecting. so if anyone is interested in these h.w.
please e/mail me only as i dont log on this board often.

silver z/28 camaro with sawblade rims from the mad maniax series.
orange mustang mach 1 with 5 spoke rims from 1998 f.e. series
white stocker with 5 spoke rims from fast food series
nissan truck with sawblade rims from blue streak series
chevy 1500 with 7 spoke rims from race team series 3
99 mustang with red interior & 5 spoke rims from 99 f.e. series ( please note there is a peeled corner bottom right )
dump truck with sawblades & silver dumper from silver series 2 ( crease upper right corner of card.
honda civic si from 2001 f.e. series with wire rims

diecaster 21401
[email protected]
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