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Anybody notice........

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that while the Fresh Cherries series has a chassis that screws to the body which is a huge positive when customizing, the wheels and rims are manufactured in a way where the rubber tire is next to impossible to remove from the rim without cutting the back of the tires? Has anybody figured out something different perhaps? No doubt, a whole barbell can be swapped out for another. Maybe not such an issue yet since MM has no tire variations in itself but for those who placed other brand tires on FC rims could you do it without destroying the original tire?

Anybody try yet?
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hurmmm, i'll have to look at the 71 mustang i bought my brother to see what them tires look like. I know that like on JL's you can practicly 'roll' the tire off the rims, i'll see if i can figure out a way for ya.
I saw that too Mark :( I tried to swap out a Chevette axle for a JL axle and the JL was WAAY too big. The FC also seemed to have notches on the axle that held it in close to the base too.
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