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Just wondering if anybody is into Buggies and sandrail
I might be picking up a 4 seater with an 1600 vw motor and bus trans
but I am a Total Noob about it all

Post your info here and where you ride trails at all over the USA Make sure you post trail info and events in MIchigan for sure

If there is enough interest I might start a section for Buggies with Hanks permission of course

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Sand rails a sweet! I have a 2 seat rail I'm working on right now. My parents live at Silver Lake, Mi. next to the sand dune O.R.V. area, so I go there to ride quite a bit. Lots of trails around West Mi. also. If you have any questions about VW buggies, ask away. I've been building them for about 20 years now. Here is a pic of one I built last year:


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