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Any Tracks around Central Ohio?

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Gonna be vacationing in Canal Fulton, OH next month. Might make a stop or two to some shops/tracks Any tracks running the week(s) of Thu, Sep 17- Mon, Sep 21? Might like to try one out, although my girlfriend says we're not bringing the R/C gear. Anyone got a ride I might be able to borrow? *wink, wink!* I'm more of a stock-class/13.5 - 1s kinda guy, although I have run *some* 19T/4-cell stuff.
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Thanks...didn't even think about that...LMAO...totally forgot about it, actually. But those are only tracks thet get listed by HobbyTalk users; they don't get listed automatically. For example, Freddie's Hobbies listed over in the HobbyTalk Sponsors is not listed on the HobbyTalk Track Finder.

Thanks again!
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