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Any Tracks around Central Ohio?

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Gonna be vacationing in Canal Fulton, OH next month. Might make a stop or two to some shops/tracks Any tracks running the week(s) of Thu, Sep 17- Mon, Sep 21? Might like to try one out, although my girlfriend says we're not bringing the R/C gear. Anyone got a ride I might be able to borrow? *wink, wink!* I'm more of a stock-class/13.5 - 1s kinda guy, although I have run *some* 19T/4-cell stuff.
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Jimmy i sent ya a PM the other day giving you my #,I live about 15 miles from Canal Fulton in Canton,We have a great hobby store in N.Canton called Aero Teck Hobby's,We use to have a Carpet oval track about 20 minutes from here but it is being replaced by a dirt indoor offroad track,
The only tracks that we have with in 2 hours from here is Freddies wich is in Ravena and there is one in Boardman and if you want to venture to Wheeling there is one there as well but other then that i cant think of any more in Ohio thats close.

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