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Any Gallileo plans out there?

I'm thinking of scratch building a small shuttlecraft using model airplane techniques. Well, let me clarify that given the types of model airplanes out there nowadays: I mean "vintage" model airplane techniques. You know, balsa wood frame, balsa or plywood skin, etc. My skill in this area is 'low', but my father has been building planes for about 60+ years and I've built a couple, and the Galileo seems like a viable subject given it's angular surfaces and limited detail.

So I need scale plans. Somewhere in my storage unit I have an original Starfleet Technical Manual, but before I go look for it in my local equivalent of of that overstuffed closet in Fractured Fairy Tales, I need to know if it has scale prints, or if I can buy them elsewhere? Maybe find them free on the web somewhere?

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