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Nice old Lesney #18 Hodarora!

I still have the very first release I got when I was little in 1975. It's red with chrome handle bars, front fender and engine, and a blue "Honda" label on the tank.
My Matchbox book says that flat olive green version was the 3rd repaint of that casting, with 3 color variations after this one.
It says this color is from Twin Pak T-11, which means it came with another casting in the blister, probably another military vehicle, possibly the transitional Field Car wich was an earlier incarnation of the same number, #18! Not sure at all though.

So that trailer didn't come with either of those bikes you have there.
Origonally #38 with regular wheels in 1967, it came with a much smaller, and cooler, older Honda in cafe racer style.
Both those bikes are too big to fit both wheels into that trailer.
That particular orange trailer I believe was a part of another Twin Pack. With the small Honda cafe racer of course and another car or truck towing it in the same blistererer, possibley the #9 Javelin.

Thanks for sharing the pix and letting me ramble on forever! :wave:
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