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Since this board is based on free thoughts and opinions, (like it or not) I’ll share mine:

Hobby talk used to be a great place to gather and exchange ideas and show off ones’ work- if creating customs or a track layout, plus the ideas and camaraderie was unsurpassed.

This is no longer the case.

The newer (and not so new) “members”:

Recently the board has become a showcase for sellers pushing their wares akin to a barker’s pulpit at a carnival.

These individuals have taken it upon themselves to "showcase" their items in any forum they choose--no matter what the item happens to be.
The swap and sell section is avoided like the plague by said individuals- they post where most eyes have been focused.

They have also bickered amongst themselves—with “who made what or who has the better product”—sometimes never giving credit to whom actually made the piece in the very first place- A shame and discredit to the original manufacturer. They have even started name calling-
It’s the “I love me-who do you like?” syndrome...

Some will conveniently add their remark in a post, but subtly include their selling items, just hoping that one more potential buyer will bite-

Then we have the ones who won’t make something because someone else already has…(afraid of a loss of revenue, perhaps?)
Or the ones who throw a hissy-fit from constructive criticism and say they will take their wares elsewhere.…only to return, knowing they’ll make money if they stay.
Then their “politeness” is turned on and any remarks towards their product ignored in favor of the end result—more cash to take.

If this is not about money.…well I just don’t know-

And lets’ not forget the individuals who push their opinions upon you until you relent and (if even true), must claim their "connections", their multiple acquirements, and their garages stuffed with the best of the best—Does this give them more creditability?
You be the judge-

How many of these so-called “friendly” “all-around” members post on anything else besides what effects their sales, or to pull another buyer in, or to endlessly prove a point?

Before all this, we had some casters making stuff, finishing it off and showcasing their work in the (proper) customs forum with nary a word of selling. If you had an interest, you could PM them or visit their web-site. Simple and very considerate-

Not anymore…


I give T.L. due respect for trying to keep the slot world happy and recruit new interest from the masses. (Albeit with someone elses original ideas- for the most part, and at least releasing a whole car with package.)

I also thank Deane for trying in making an “official” AW camera thread (why it has not become a “sticky” is anyone’s guess.)
It's sad to see what others twisted it in to....

I was never that much “into” slots, per-se-

Dad bought me a set in the early sixties and that perked my interest.
Following the years ahead, I, like many- went with models and the bigger slots (set up at dedicated raceways, hobby shops and even pool halls).
Once this fad waned, I got in to mini-bikes, go-karts, motorbikes and on to muscle cars, etc.

Slot cars stayed with me and were always (and still are.…to a point) a release for me from the hectic day-to-day world. But I still view it as a hobby and not “rocket science”, nor near the most important part of my life-

Remembering (which was said by another mem’ here,) Auto World- as “the” catalog to have- with everything from models and parts, to slot cars and spares with an abundance of stuff and info, in between-- rings the same with me-

I was fortunate to visit Auto World’s store in Scranton, a few months before they closed the doors. It was like a dream come true—huge amounts of product, friendly staff, and a wealth of information. I bought a lot of stuff from them, that day- and at retail prices…

For TL to use the name to try and recapture those memories by just selling his slots, etc, just doesn’t do it for me-

The fact he has “friends” in the board moderators doesn’t surprise me he gets his own forum, either-

Tempting the public with fuzzy camera shots, false release claims and building the hype with gimmicks- such as “club-cars”, “specials” and/or “collector” packaging, is much proof to me that his slot car enthusiasm stems from making as much profit as he can, and not really seeing to the enthusiast’s/hobbyist's needs.

As does his blatant use (as others do) of other manufacturer’s products and calling them “new releases”. He’ll cut corners just to stay below the legal copyright and license fees—as RRR, and others do, here. (This part is not new, as he’s been down that road, before.)

I understand the need for the “bang for the buck” in the master mold production, but he’s past the limitations with the re-copying of the re-copying of the re-pops.
And now we get “new” Tycos?

He is purely a business man who’s “hobby” is collecting Jefferson’s, Franklin’s, and Lincoln’s.
I’m quite sure the die-cast side meant more to him than the slots ever will…

I bought several dozen cases of the earlier “newer” cars through on-line sellers, mail order, and (rarely) the “bay”. I don’t regret one single purchase-
even though the “specials” and “club only” releases were blown out near the end, along with the entire remaining inventory he (did or) didn’t buy.

But I have enough to keep me satisfied for many years to come, thank you.

The Hobby talk board:

With work commitments, my Fam’, and just other projects, I have posted little in the last six months, but tried to visit and read Hobby-talk every day.

Now it’s become a “chore” to do so, with so much un-hobby like views, attitudes, salesmen’s “one up-man-ship” and disrespect.
I suspect many of the old regulars feel the same way, and don’t post much anymore, either.

My oldest girl is becoming proficient in reading and liked to sit on my lap and try to read me the new posts.
With the name calling, dissin’ of one-another, and now the swearing/cursing--this has become undoable.
This has become the norm' (to a point), because the moderator('s) have little interest in slot cars, as a whole-

Thanks a lot, you few…

And some threads turn into arguments of the most miniscule matters pertaining to this “hobby”, overall-
This is not to say some of the info’ put forth is worthless…if handled smoothly and in moderation-
Some have shown great interest in this type of new science. That’s always a good thing.

But, flog a dead horse?
It’s more akin to frappe’-ing the poor steed like the ‘”Bass-O-matic” on Saturday Night live-

To each, his own, I suppose…

Sure, I’ll still come around now and again, and possibly add a post or two-
Maybe even show a new custom now and again…
(And I try and make most “Chat” sessions-)

I’ve got connected with a good handful of real hobby enthusiasts here and cherish their views and friendships. I will always try and stay in touch with them-

As for all the pompous, self-serving sellers and foul mouths here:
You can keep your stuff (and some of your views)….(Including TL).
You don’t need me—and the feeling is mutual.

I have more super-nice re-pops, custom castings and gifts from my friends here, than I ever could’ve imagined.

I’m glad I was a part of slot-cars (in general) of old, and got (most) all, or more than I needed before the net, the price gouging and the pushy, self-serving sellers- along with some on this board.

That was a time when real manufacturer’s with actual store outlets, inventory, and a dealer network existed. None can claim all three, now-
It was just “normal” buying, collecting and playing with them in those days.
That was truely the "Golden era"...

To this, I say to them:
Good luck in all your endeavors and sales—I hope you make a mint and can retire off your profits-

So, let the cursing, down-trodding, and put-downs begin, on why my post is so terribly wrong-
Go ahead and have your say- show me to be the fool, with your reasons, proof, calculations, and excuses.
(Too long a' note? Complain about that, too!)

But it won’t much matter-

You have pushed me away in disgust...

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Wow. Is it really that bad? Yes, the "cam thread" has turned into "ugly" but I still think Hobby Talk is the best BBS around. I just let the B.S. slide right on by...


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Hmmm.....I would have to say I disagree with about 90% of that, but even so, anyone's opinion should be respected. The only point I really agree on is the bickering that's been going on recently, and I think everyone has had enough of it.

As for AW and Dash, I actually hope they "copy" just about everything that's ever been produced so far. More to customize and play with without being afraid to hack up originals (hey, some of us like to just look at 'em too). In addition to the re-pops, several "new" castings have been introduced into the mix by both companies, and it looks like even more are on the way. I don't like EVERYTHING they make, but I like enough to expect to spend alot of money on them in the future. So what if they're going to make money doing it? I believe Aurora and Tyco were "for-profit" companies, as well as the hobby shops who stocked their products years ago. And if something is available for sale, I don't mind being made aware of it here as long as it's slot related. I think most slotters are happy that these guys are putting forth the capital and taking chances to keep us enjoying what was becoming a stagnant hobby. Thanks to them, the interest is growing.

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I think most slotters are happy that these guys are putting forth the capital and taking chances to keep us enjoying what was becoming a stagnant hobby. Thanks to them, the interest is growing.
Was is the key word there. :thumbsup:

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As usual Boss9,you shoot from the hip & take No prisoners !
However the best asset this board can ever have is a "car-mudgeon" like yourself to set things straight !
Just keep on truckin !


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Hey Boss9, very nice to hear from you again. I miss seeing your customs in the Modeling/Customizing forum. You definitely hit on some of the core issues that have crept into this board. I appreciate your candor, especially in terms of cleaning up the language. I too agree that objectivity is affected when someone has something to sell. This is a major issue on all boards, where you are constantly having to ask "What's this guy selling?" before forming an opinion on a post. But I don't have a problem with people who are on the production side of things having a forum to highlight their new wares. Direct salesmanship and new product announcements however should be confined to the Swap & Sell forum. If that's not the right forum, let's get a "Coming Soon" forum started.

It all comes down to to discretion and respect. We have to police ourselves or we'll end up with a moderator deleting posts and then we'll start descending into the negative abyss that many other boards have become. This is still the best "fun" board on the net and keeping it that way is our collective responsibility.

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I can see where he's coming from. Once I see a thread turn nasty, as some tend to do... I click away and don't return to that thread.

As for a person or company trying to make a profit by selling the products they've invested tens of thousands of dollars to create, I have no problem with that.

I don't like waiting for months past the delivery due dates when I preorder stuff though. I don't think I'll be placing anymore preorders unless there's a HUGE discount or give away attached to it. There should be something in it for me if I'm going to float those companies a loan by preordering stuff several months before their product is even released.

What's funny is that often, a company's preorder prices tend to be higher then the item several months after release. Remember how much people paid for the first few MACH V and Dukes cars that were released? I saw some go for as high as 50 bucks a piece on ebay.... now you can get the same cars for as little as 10 bucks.

I preordered those TOMY Chaparrals from one company, only to find them for 5 dollars cheaper at other stores about 2 weeks after they hit the market.

I won't be making that mistake anymore ... not as long as there's ebay, the last bastion of pure capitalism left. One just has to be patient, that's all.

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I tend to generally agree with anything called "another"

Boss, your opinion, titled "another" is full of good sense and candor which is good for the soul

:thumbsup: man

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Hello again-

Thank you for having taking the time to read my views and comment on it.

I believe I might had led some down the wrong path with my statements,
Let’s try and clear a few misconceptions, so as not to take anything (replies included) in the wrong light-

First off, I have no derogatory feelings for 97% of the mems’, or anyone who’s replied here, and welcome the differing opinions. That’s the way issues get resolved and a full understanding takes place.

Let’s take the replies as they came:

Thank you for the kudos. I have talked to you at length about some points I’d made, and I believe you got the gist of the matter as a whole-

No argument here- I too concur that HT is the best board available (that’s why I’m sticking around). I am a mem’ of just one other board (not slot related, but still another hobby which I truly enjoy as well).
I studied the other boards and found there just wasn’t enough to perk my interest.

I do wish we didn’t have to let the B.S. just slide by, though.
I feel something should be done about it.

90% you say? Let’s analyze this and see if we really agree to that-
I read your reply thoroughly and believe I understand all you said.
Please correct me if I’m wrong:
I never claimed that re-popping was a bad thing, or shouldn’t be done. I too enjoy making and seeing customs that all share in the customs forum.

You mentioned some just like to look at them, too.

I (somewhat) fall into this category, myself.
When I have 6+ models of the same car, I see no reason just to open them all, unless I have a particular fondness for a certain paint scheme.
Some customs I’ve received, I feel are a little too fragile to allow me to damage the time and effort a friend put into it for me to enjoy.

I had also stated that “most”- not all, were repops.

Plus, I’d mentioned nothing about investing money or business expenses.
In fact, near the end of my note, I wished them all well in their endeavors.

I also agree that Aurora and Tyco were in it to make money—and they also made their own re-issues of some models.
But you don’t see Life-Like or Mattel, etc, jumping in here at every chance they get, to push their stuff on you. But you know where to find them if you have an interest. That was my basis of the point-

Again, we are in agreement on being notified as to new product. It’s how, when, and where these announcements should be handled along with the consideration of others’ posts and opinions- which is what I was trying to convey-

The only thing I think I disagree with you on is the hobby being stagnant-
I think these as great times for slot-guys. I don’t think the few I’d singled out above are the do-all-end-all for the hobby, though.
Yes, they have contributed to the growth (see my commending of T.L. in my opening statement to A.W.), but my belief is that the Internet and the “bay” really opened the gate for more eyes and purchasing power.

Would the top 3 sellers here be doing this if it weren’t for the net?
For some reason’s, I doubt it….

I am on the same page with you, as well….
A new chassis would do wonders for the hobby.
A re-pop would fill the void until something really “new” comes out.
I have quite a few of the pull-backs that could use some power under them.

Thank you for your thoughts. See my response to kraz, above-

Volvo 1:1:
Thank you for allowing me to speak my concerns.
I had no intention to start a flame war with this thread. It’s just a personal take on the recent events-

I much appreciate the time you took to analyze my comments (I thought at first, you were going to regulate me to the “Holy hand granade” theme, again).
You are one who has been a great asset to this board. Your advice, tips, links and comments, have never been out of line, and you rarely take anyone to task—no matter what they say, project, or how they conduct themselves.
Very diplomatic of you, and truly commendable.
I obviously lack your patience and low-key approch....

As I’d mentioned above to Kraz, I have no issues with someone selling their wares on this board-- producing to make a living, or selling to recoup the expense and time they have in making the master. I have bought things from a few here and have been very pleased- with not only the transaction, but with the product itself.

My point was how and where these said items are being allotted.
Your scheme of a new forum is a brilliant idea.

I wish the moderator(‘s) would read this forum more often- then maybe some things we have all pointed out in this thread could be addressed.

You Sir, are my perfect example-
I know you have and sell videos & CDs. You mentioned this before.
But I don’t see you bouncing from thread to thread trying to put your wares in everyone’s faces. You have been most discreet and very respectful of the board as a whole. I take my hat off to you.

You mentioned the hefty sum the casters and re-poppers have invested in there business ventures: I too commend them for taking the risk and would expect them to make a profit from their venture.
But, there are literally hundreds of casters on the “bay” doing virtually the same thing (albeit not on the same level or dedication).
But, just think what this place would be like if they all decided to come here, figuring they could make another buck by crowding out the regular posts or adding to them with snippets of the sales items. I think it would turn a lot of people off.

I respect your take on my opinion.
About all I can add for you is-

There is a time and place for everything…

Although Roger Corrie hasn’t replied (I know he read this, though),
his points, in a recent thread in the AW forum are worth a mention again, here.
I really agree with the majority of it-

I said earlier times were the “Golden age” of slot cars.
This should be taken with a grain of salt-

I don’t like the “new” Nascar as much as the old, but who can argue the racing today isn’t closer than it’s ever been, or more popular?
I’ll care for it even less once the “spec" Car of tomorrow debuts-

My take on the older days of yore was to be in context with the buying, selling and distribution practices, that was in place at that time.

I never lacked for product, then either-
There have always been Hobby shows, toy shows, flea markets and the (then, not too common) slot car shows.
If I wanted something, I could find a place to look for it.

I am truly happy that so many items and accessories are available to the masses, now. This surely brings in new blood.

I am probably in the minority when I think of how my anticipation rose each year- wondering what would be coming out. I could easily regulate my budget to purchase everything my heart desired that became available.
I didn’t have to join clubs or go chasing after “chase” cars because I liked the certain body style.

Bob’s Hobby Lobby and Scale Auto got much green from my pocket during those times, along with the big 3 (well, 2 ½- along with Faller, Atlas, Riggen, Marchon, Jim Stefaniack and Bauer- just to mention a few).

And by purchasing Jim’s former business, even Phil of (now) RRR has gouged the eyes out of collectors in need of a part or two, and inflated the price of re-pops to a point where he could give away cars for the next two years and still be far in the black. He rarely sees my business….

Although I said I was pleased with all the new stock available, this thought is directed to those who purchase said products on a regular basis, to keep the cottage industries afloat. I don’t race “professionally”, and have enough spares to keep me going for the next decade, so this is why I’m glad there are those that do-

Personally, I’m a bit overwhelmed with it all now. I bought about 10 cases of the first release and loved the fact I could get so much stuff at one time. I continued on that path until I was buying just a bunch of duplicates. Now with the pot spilling over, I’ve had to re-think my buying ventures and reel in the excess purchasing to a minimum of what I see me really wanting.
With close to 2K slots, there’s few I “have” to have at this point-
( The Magrirus Fire lorry comes to mind....)

I do want to thank Roger and the few other not too blatant sellers (or just “regular” casters) on the board for offering up some really fine and unique items. I know how to reach them for purchase, and all here should know this too.

For the newbies just coming on- I would hope they don’t think that the 3-4 prominent sellers and perps’ of point–pushing here, are the only things available. I would like to see the other lesser-known casters offer up some of their items in the S&S section, just to keep the newer mems’ up to speed and give them a better choice in availability.

These guys, I will always get stuff from. They produce neat stuff in a timely manner, take care of any issues that arise, and most of the time finish off their work to display in the customs forum, for all to see- and get a good idea of what they could do by purchasing the product, themselves.

They never hawk their stuff endlessly and are actually quite conservative with their posting about it, and are a mainstream in the whole slot car loop.
This is not apples and oranges-- they deserve just as much credit as anyone casting/selling/repopping, here.

If these blokes can do it, why can’t others follow suit?

Is it so hard to follow and play by the rules here, and doesn’t others’ consideration have a play in it?

I'm not trying to make enemies here... just trying to keep my friends-

Thanks once more-


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While I tend to agree with a lot you've written I have to say there is some I don't agree with. But hey, this is America and you have the right to your opinion! I too wish some would keep the selling in the swap & sell forum, but most of the time people showing off stuff that is coming out or being custom made end up posting in the modeling section and "we" as a collective start asking how we can buy them...
I have to say I have no problem with Tom Lowe taking on the Autoworld name, hopefully he can bring back some of that greatness that was available to us few (?) that were able to be served by them in the 70's. I also do not have a problem with AW having it's own thread here.

Wow, I guess I should have read from bottom to top in the threads, as I think I found what prompted this thread... after I posted here. Some people may need to be left alone when they post, or they need to be ignored as I learned when I tried to discuss reality with them.

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O.K., perhaps 90% was harsh, and I now see a little more clearly where you're coming from. But your original post makes it sound like you're against re-pops in general, and I would love to have some (or even all) old Tycos re-popped especially if they're engineered to clip onto the XT or Super Mag chassis. Heck, I'd even like to see the Atlas cars re-popped. And when you said that Tom only collects Jeffersons, Franklins, and Lincolns, it sounds like you're against money being made from his venture, and makes your well-wishes seem sarcastic. That's one of the problems with text - it could be read in a different way than intended. When I mentioned that the hobby WAS (key word) stagnant, I meant BEFORE even the JL pullbacks. I think they piqued the interest, which has since snowballed into what we have today, which is a greater variety and volume of H.O. slot product available than I have ever seen, and I've been collecting since 1976. So I withdraw my 90% figure, and while I have no idea what number I would change it to now, I can definitely say we are far more alike than different. Thanks for the clarifications. Mike

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I recently posted a (negative) opinion of one of the new products and promptly got attacked by the manufacturer. That was a first!
What next, a cease and desist order from BMW because I told a friend the parking sensors on my car were crap?

Maybe these guys are too in our face and we in theirs?


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I recently posted a (negative) opinion of one of the new products and promptly got attacked by the manufacturer. That was a first!
C'mon dw, you know very well that this is exactly how negativity spreads across these boards. If you have an issue with a certain manufacturer take it up with him. Don't drag it over here and expect some sort of pity party on your behalf. I saw your posts and you did poke, even if subtly, at areas that you knew going in would incite a reaction in a thread dedicated to announcing a new product. He has a dedicated board and a phone number and I'm certain he'd be more than willing to talk to you, man to man, to resolve any differences. A lot of people in the hobby know you and respect you from your positive contributions to the hobby and that's not going to change any time soon. It's alright to disagree and have personal differences of opinion, but escalating personal differences outside of the affected parties turns it into politics. This board is dedicated to slot cars, not politics. Stay cool and let it pass.

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AfxToo said:
C'mon dw, you know very well that this is exactly how negativity spreads across these boards. If you have an issue with a certain manufacturer take it up with him. Don't drag it over here and expect some sort of pity party on your behalf. I saw your posts and you did poke, even if subtly, at areas that you knew going in would incite a reaction in a thread dedicated to announcing a new product. He has a dedicated board and a phone number and I'm certain he'd be more than willing to talk to you, man to man, to resolve any differences. A lot of people in the hobby know you and respect you from your positive contributions to the hobby and that's not going to change any time soon. It's alright to disagree and have personal differences of opinion, but escalating personal differences outside of the affected parties turns it into politics. This board is dedicated to slot cars, not politics. Stay cool and let it pass.
You make some valid points, but I do feel that forums would become pretty useless if everyone gagged themselves from saying anything not 100% positive. Lively discussion is all part and parcel of the forums and it works OK when there is mutual respect. Clearly Lenny loathes me and has for some time. Something about my standing with Tom Lowe winds him up. And I am getting fed up with his overbearing and overly aggresive ways.

I'm not alone either...

Nonetheless I will continue to look at and pass judgement on any new product from any company without any bias, agenda or loyalty to any party.

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You Sir, are my perfect example-
I know you have and sell videos & CDs. You mentioned this before.
But I don’t see you bouncing from thread to thread trying to put your wares in everyone’s faces. You have been most discreet and very respectful of the board as a whole. I take my hat off to you.

thanks.. and remember.... BUY MY DVD's.. the reviews have been awesome, not one complaint!


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I think I have clarified most of my points, but this thread has been very good, in the fact that we get to see others views of the issues, and all can voice their opinions without expectations of retaliation.

I thought we were closer as well!
And thank you for clarifying your points as well. I believe we both can have friendly debate and both come away smiling.

Yes, following the written word can sometimes be trying, but that is why we all can post our thoughts- and re-thoughts.

Let’s have at it some more!

One subject I would like to address is the fact T.L. has his own forum.

This is ok by me, but because of his links with the moderators—he gets it. That is why I stated I wasn’t surprised.
Does anyone think another retailer of his stature could do the same?
I don’t think so-

If he can recreate the “aura” of the original A.W. catalog, I will retract my former statement on this issue.
But, I don’t see him doing it that way.

I think it’s a ploy to use the name to pull on our heart-strings in fond remembrance of what was once was. I don’t expect him to sell model rockets or plastic glue kits,though-

But I do expect everything slot related- including R/C type paints for clear bodyies, body mount kits, custom wheels/ tires, hop-up parts, and even the much lacked scenery for layouts (even if he has to re-pop the Atlas buildings).
The only thing he definitely won’t do, is offer the other manufacturers cars and parts. This will be the difference of the old VS "new" Autoworld.

I do feel sorry for Tom that his forum has been used by the other sellers to push their products. I feel this is unfair to him as well. Why don’t they vie for their own forum? More money out of pocket, I suppose…

On the re-pop issue, I wouldn’t have purchased so many cases if I didn’t have a care for them. But I have so many now, that I (personally) don’t need any more.
I run (not race) all my cars—including what some feel are extremely valuable. If I break one- well my collection suffers, but that is the chance I’m willing to take.

Since this view (above) is one of few being similar, I embrace the re-pops for others and mostly the new-comers who can’t get some of those cars without selling their furniture or handing over a first born.
It is no doubt a boon for them (and the customizers, too).

I still think the hobby wasn’t that stagnant before the pull-backs because of the "bay”.
When the “bay” first rolled out, slot cars were very well priced because not many knew to visit there and look for them.
And I also agree- once the pull-backs made their debut, it increased the interest 10-fold--and it’s only climbed from there to what we have now- a wealth on new product. Definitely positive for slot car hobbyists as a whole.

Mike, we do have a lot more in common than either of us thought-
But you might have another counter-point.

So, bring it! This is fun and educational to boot!

Afxtoo & Montoya:
As you both are aware, I refrained from name calling (except in the case of T.L.) for a reason-
I think all of the perps’ I mentioned know who they are, but won’t speak on this thread for fear of facing the truth- and frankly I hope they don’t, because I wanted to keep this a clean debate.

I don’t know about the certain thread of which you spoke, but hey! It’ my thread and all are welcome to join the fray!

I see no reason a member can’t comment on the pros or cons of a product-
If they receive flack from an opinion, this should show others what the sellers’ “true colours” are like below his thin skin.

This is not the first time this has happened—in fact it happened again just last week. An innocent poke and the said sellers’ fury was unleashed.

I’m truly amazed that some here are so hypocritical in that they will put up with this blatant and nasty attitude for the sake of getting more cars-
They must really want them awfully bad…

Both Too and Monty had valid points.
It should be kept within the boundaries of the original thread-

There are more than the said name mentioned, as well, but I don’t think a personal vendetta is the reason. The same attitude applies to anyone not in total agreement with the selling parties.

That is until they look in the mirror, and see what a ugly ogre they have turned into then it’s back the “Mr. Nice guy” again-

I say to both Afxtoo and Montoya:
Let you opinions and differences fly right here!
There will be no namecalling or lack of respect to each other-

This is the “Neutral Zone (the “No spin zone” was already taken)…
(It will never get “too hot” in this thread.)
So bring it!

Thanks very much for the positive and much welcomed thoughts without the mamby-pamby whining and general sucking up to the rogues!

This shows we all have “a pair”

Oh, and Jimmy:

How dare you!

(A good one! Hahahaha! You are the devils advocate!)

Cheers, all!

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I'm the same way, I run all my cars. I go easy on the more valuable ones but I run them nonetheless. I don't see the point in collecting slot cars as pieces of art, they're for running. Plus, I like the fact that every one of my cars not only runs, but runs well.

I go through my collection, all 1,200 cars and run them for 10 laps each, tune them up as needed. It takes weeks to go through them all. If I want to race, I have about 100 runners I use. I like having two types of each kind of chassis in my runner's box, this way I can race someone with the same chassis as the one I'm running. Plus, there were some cars from my youth that I like to keep in my runner's box, for old times sake. All the cars in my runners box are cars that I have mint copies of anyway.

What is it about these little plastic cars that evoke such passion?

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One thing that people may not be aware of is the fact the Hobbytalk forum was (still is) linked to the JL website as the JL Bulletin board. I guess HT is a stand-alone entity and that Playing Mantis did a deal which meant they did not have to set up their own board. But it does explain why Tom has a special relationship.

Being from Europe, and the age that I am, the name Autoworld does not tug at me at all. I have no expectations of what Tom Lowe will do with the name, especially as priority one (as with any business) is to make money.

The nostalgia trip is big business, but I'm not sure of for how long so I'm keeping an eye on what TL has in mind for the future. In the meantime I have been guilty of showing interest in what he does now and praising these efforts in the UK slot press.
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