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Model Murdering
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That's an $800 T-jet....LOL!

Carn sarn it! I was hoping no one would see this one. I'm in on this one too.

Thought it would be a good project to hone my fakery skillz. She's warped though! The rear rocker is rolled in at the rear tip. Take a look at the pass rear wheel arch and how it pinches in under the 3 o'clock position when viewed from the pass side. The shadow cast just below it on the table is bent accordingly. Not all precious toys were lovingly stowed away. Even though the Aurora Mustang bodies were tough as nails and could be used as foot wear; this one looks like it was stored on it's side with something heavy on it. It really takes alot to bend a 'stang. We have several tricks here at model murdering for just this scenario. Most of them involve some form of fire. Oh goody goody!

Obviously the windsheild has been out at least once and some touch ups will be required on the underside of the body where the windsheild nibs have been assaulted.

I've got the cockpit insert worked out, but not sure how to go about the seat detail...yet. Maybe it'll just have to be the "Ultra Rare Factory Forgot The Interior Test Shot Version". Worst case scenario I'll pop a hard top on it.

The screw post adjustment is straight forward and standard green is plentiful. A rework of the boot detail might be in order to down size those snaps. ssssssshudder! :freak:

I've seen boots in many colors. Not uncommon to have them in any old color and overpainted in whatever.
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