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Howdy You All :)

Got to practice my southern greetings now and then.

I am just about finished with with the Coca Cola Chevelle and took some
pictures last night. I have to put the number 12s on the head light and
touch up the roll bars. Which for some reason I never noticed before.
I took a picture of it next to the Cecil Gordon Number 24 I did earlier
so you could see the difference with the gear plate rails cut. It is
much lower in rear also it is just harder to see. I will be making a 74
version also as it is just some smaller side windows and different rear
tail light plate.

Now does anyone have a 73-74 Buick, Pontiac or Oldsmobile diecast? I
need to make a mold of the front end shrink it to match and graft it to
the TFX Chevy Stocker. With the a shrunken AFX Satellite and Charger
this would complete the NASCAR field except for the Torino which I have
some ideas on how to make an AFX version that I can shrink to fit the
look and feel of the rest of the TFXs

Here is a look at a TFX Mercury that I was going to make a Wood Brother
Puralator Number 21 but got confused and painted the sides red instead
of the roof and trunk so I made a fantasy NASCAR out of it

And last I got my order from Bruce Gavins and I am very pleased with his
AFX Hauler. This one is also avaiable as a TYCO too Her is a picture of
it on a XT chassis witha TFX Chevy Stocker on top. It comes with a
sepratley casted bumper and clear cast glass. I have to get to the
Hobby Shop for some Flat silver paint so I can start working on this
one. We need more haulers in HO Land.

Also those of you that have the old TYCO S Ferrari Testarossa he has
glass for these as everyone I have seen on ebay needs glass. He makes
the Ferrari and the TYCO S Jag to mount on AFX chassis. I got one of
each and they are excellent bodies. Bruce is a true craftsman it a
shame he lives so far away as I would love to see his work shop and molds

No for some good news for the Speed Week Participants Bruce is new
sponsors this year and sent in a bag full of goodies that you all will love.

Having fun as always

Roger Corrie

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roadrner said:
Thanks. Guess I should have read Roger's post a little more carefully. :freak: Dave
i bought his stuff - very good stuff. worth your money. :)


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roadrner said:
Thanks. Guess I should have read Roger's post a little more carefully. :freak: Dave
Think nothing of it. I do it all the time myself!

I'm just gettin' old and blind. Whats your excuse? :p


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Nice jobs as usual Rog-

This is a rare time that I like a ford better than a Chev'! :thumbsup:
Really like the #24 car-
The ramp truck is excellent as well! :thumbsup:

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