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Never thought I'd see the day, but I got a 'deal'.
Sure I've had great deals from my friends here on Hobbytalk, and will always look for more,
but I got hooked up last week and this week on craigslist for not one, but two deals.

Last week, I got an AW Dragstrip, the NTB/Tire Kingdom one.

Complete, in original box with very little playwear. Four cars and all literature.
Put batteries in and.... works perfect. $40

This week...
saw an ad for about eight cars, a craftsman circular saw, and some lighting.
Kind of an odd combo, but I clicked on it anyways. Whoa!!!! Tycos!!!!

Most of them are early eighties 440x2's with the orange heat shield still on the chassis.
Some are missing pickup shoes, but they all work fine. There's a couple of
green wire HP7 lighted chassis. One has copper shoes, the other silver.
A great heard of Corvettes, most of the mirrors still attached.
Here's a closer shot of that Porsche...

A ragged out transformer. (already looks like a dirt car)

Oh, and a couple of indy cars. I'll slap a wing on this one so fast it'll make your head spin....

And this one. Can't have any cigarette stuff around the kid.

I'll probably clip that annoying front wing off and repaint it...

All in all, a good haul. (guess I already spent my swap n sell money for the week)

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Score!! Very nice. Shame the Motta car is missing the wing; aren't they kinda $$?


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Great buy, the Motto is a rare car & although not complete, to nice to cut up. Why not wait, find a wing & you have a good addition to your collection. ..RL
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