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Round four of the JBRL Nitro Series made its way to Green Flag Raceway in Hesperia, CA last weekend. The conditions were hot and the elevation at the track was 3,200 feet above sea level which made engine tuning difficult. The Green Flag track crew put in a technical, but fun layout and did a great job maintaining the track. TLR/Novarossi/Pro-Line driver, Adam Drake headed to round four of the JBRL nitro series as the points leader in 1/8th nitro buggy, 1/8th nitro truck and electric buggy.

In the nitro buggy class Drake TQ’d both rounds of qualifying and started on pole for the 25 minute final. When the tone sounded to start the final Drake had a short battle with Tyler Vik and Cody Smith. Vik ended up having problems and retired from the race. Drake was able to keep the lead and take his fourth win of the series followed by teammates Cody Smith and Jacob Haas.

1/8th Expert Nitro Buggy
1. Adam Drake (TQ) – TLR/Novarossi/ Nitrotane/Pro-Line Bow-Tie/Crime Fighter M3
2. Cody Smith – TLR/Novarossi/ Nitrotane/Pro-Line Holeshot 2.0 M3
3. Jacob Haas – TLR/Orion/Nitrotane/Pro-Line
4. Jessie Robinson – AE/LRP/Sidewinder/AKA
5. Chad Nevin – AE/Reedy/Pro-Line
6. Colby Poh – TLR/Novarossi/Nitrotane/Pro-Line Tazer
7. Ronda Drake – TLR/Novarossi/ Nitrotane/Pro-Line Blockade
8. Travis Amezcua – Xray/Novarossi/Sidewinder/AKA
9. Greg McGlothlin – Sworks/Panther
10.Brian Sullivan – Sworks/Panther
11.Eddy Fikes – Mugen/OS/Pro-Line
12.Tyler Vik – HB/RB/Sidewinder/AKA

In the nitro truck class Tyler Vik TQ’d and lead the first half of the 25 minute final. In the final Drake had a rough start and found himself mid pack, nearly a half lap behind the leader Vik.* Drake then put his head down and started turning some of the quickest laps of the day and soon caught and passed Vik for the lead and pulled away to a ten second lead.* Drake won the main followed by Vik and Jessie Robinson.

1/8th Expert Nitro Truck
1. Adam Drake – TLR/Novarossi/ Nitrotane/Pro-Line Holeshot M3
2. Tyler Vik (TQ) – HB/RB/Sidewinder/AKA
3. Jessie Robinson – AE/LRP/Sidewinder/AKA
4. Jacob Haas – TLR/Orion/Nitrotane/Pro-Line
5. Travis Amezcua – Xray/Novarossi/Sidewinder/AKA

The electric buggy class was won by Adam Drake followed by Kellen Freeman and Ronda Drake.

1/8th Expert Electric Buggy
1. Adam Drake (TQ) – TLR/Tekin/Tekin/Losi/Proline Holeshot 2.0 M3
2. Kellen Freeman – TLR/Tekin/Tekin/AKA
3. Ronda Drake – TLR/Tekin/Tekin/Losi/Pro-Line Caliber M3

Source: TLR [tlracing.com]

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