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Another custom attempt

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A 55 Chevy with "weird jack's" interior. Model Motoring green anodized aluminum rims. I'm starting to like this customizing stuff.
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Wait till I Sunglasses..... That's better..LOL
That looks cool with the same color steelies on it.. The way customs should look in the era... :thumbsup:
Now that's a GREAT '55.......those green rims and whitewalls really set it off too!!!
That's a pretty convertible Jerry. I'm gonna have to get a couple of those 55's now.
Nice Ride Win.. now all we need is a two four and some tuneage
WOW, what kind of rims are they, their cool, I love convertables, and the overall color combo is ballsy, but came out excellent.
Question: was Seth over at your house racing, because that third picture is what I see all the time...........the lucky cars get to rest on the edge, the others take the dive. Broke an autoworld Bronco bumper off in less then an hour.
Yeah!! I like it.. the color looks cool. :thumbsup:

The rims are made by Model Motoring Inc. They are anodized aluminum. Unfortunately the last batch I ordered from MASCR were poorly made. MASCR IS NOT AT FAULT. They are only a distributor for Model Motoering Inc and will credit the puschase back to my card. I have purchased from MASCR before and will continue to do so.
man I love convertibles, and that one is SCHWEET. that reminds me I never got around to hacking the roof off a JL GTO like I had planned a zillion years ago... and I have a half-finished JL Fairlane 'vert awaiting some attention...

win43 said:
I'm starting to like this customizing stuff.
Well now- there you go...

It's easy to tell you like doing it-- it shows...

And what better way to hone your customizing skills--than by building a "limey" 55' chev'- ;)

I love the colour-matched rims, too!

You ain't no amateur anymore- :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

keep it up and keep em' coming!

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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