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I was afraid to use this thing without a cleaning kit. Well, it arrived this morning, along with some much needed gold paint. (kudos to Micro Marks, estimated arrival time was 4 days, got it in 3). I keep reading of cleaning with lacquer thinner. I dont have that. I have paint thinner. Will that be good enough or is another trip to the store in my future?

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Where yat Bob,
All I clean my guns with is Lacquer Thinner.
Since few if any of us here are using water based paints, all my info and replies deal with solvent based paints.

If you're really in question if Paint Thinner will clean your gun until you get Lacquer Thinner, dab a few spots on the outside of your Paint Cup, let it sit for awhile and try to remove it with a dampened rag.
If that works, and you will clean your gun right after painting, not allowing any paint to dry within, you'll be okay.

It's hard to hurt these guns.
Even dried Enamels can be cleaned from the insides,
It's Urethane Clears that are very hard to clean if allowed to harden inside a gun.

If you don't have pipe cleaners to clean the stem on your Paint Cup you may use small gauge braided wire.

I use the wire brush attachment and the wool mop attachment from a 28 gauge shotgun cleaning kit to clean my Paint Cups.
Makes them look brand new.

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