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Hey Folks,

We went down to Canton,TX today for First Monday Trade Days.
It's so huge, we covered about half of it in one complete day, and that's just at the original market.
It's so big that several other markets surround this one.
I haven't been through there in about ten years, so I was surprised.
We had a great time, and some great food.

Down to business.
Me and the TM pulled some cash out of the ATM this morning before we got there.
Most of what we passed through initially was flowers, jewelry, and clothing.
She found some great deals, and I insisted she stop anywhere that might look interesting and shop.
Cheerfully, I waited at every stop,..... knowing my turn was coming. :devil:
AAHHHHH, finally, we get to the junkyard side of it all!!!!
Here comes the tool bins, car parts, and all sorts of stuff.
I picked up quite a few stuff from about five different vendors.
All this ran me about $22. Just 2 of em I picked up would have run me that on the bay.

No slot cars, most if this is for my track scenery. I'm gonna have to do this more often.

www.myspace.com/northtexasslotcars :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Third Mondays

Yesterday I went to Third Mondays Trade Days in McKinney, TX.
It's not near as big as Canton, but I still had a pretty good day.
All this run me about 14 bucks.

These pacers will be stripped and redone in factory 70s livery.

The Prize. A 73 Chevy Caprice station wagon.

It just wouldn't be a 70s parking lot without a good stock looking Mustang.

An old truck and even older oddball fire truck round out the highlights.

Again, this stuff is for track scenery, coming to a thread near you.

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