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Based in Britian, this company made white metal kits of vintage commercial vehicles along with its line of other railway vehicles.

Anbrico first appeared in 1932, with hand built scale models for 'O' gauge model railway. They eventually became known as Anbrico Scale Models making items for their own brand and many others. Larger display models were built in the 1950s in 1:12 scale as bus and coach models for use in ticket offices around the UK, with some models appearing at the manufacturers trade stand of the Commercial Motor Show at Earls Court in the early 1950s.

Anbrico Scale Models made their first ‘00’ models of the new British Railways Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) in the early 1950s. The range increased until all types of DMUs and rail buses were produced in ‘00’ scale.

In the early 1960s, a range of ‘00’ passenger coaches were added. Later a range of ‘0’ gauge pullman coaches were added.

In the early 1960s a small range of ready to run trams was produced in ‘00’ and were available on either the ‘00’ or ‘TT’ gauge chassis.

In 1968 the first ‘00’ cast metal bus kits was introduced. They included popular British double and single deck buses and coaches. Later it was decided to transfer the range of brass trams over to cast white metal kits. This increased the type of trams available for use with model railways and interest from those who enjoyed making models of buses and trams. Kit production continued until July 1987, during which time some 80 cast metal kits were available including one ‘N’ gauge diesel locomotive with the ‘00’ kits covering buses, trolleybuses, trams, lorries and one diesel locomotive.

An interesting subsidiary business the Anbrico Video Services was established in the late 1970s, to cater to the customer looking for prototype information on some of the lesser known private railways in Europe and, in particular, Switzerland. Over the years a range of over 130 hour long video films was produced from the information collected in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and the U.K. covering railways, light rail, trams and trolleybuses. Direct work was taken with several groups of photograph shops in the UK to transfer railway images from film, slides and prints to video. No job was too small with some copies made having a run time of only 2 minutes.

The hand built model section was closed some time later with the Pudsey premises containing the model side of the business and showroom sold and converted into a 4 bedroomed house. All items connected with the scale model business were sold off to other firms and private collectors when the old premises were emptied for the conversion. All the models from the showcases in the Pudsey showroom became part of the private collection of one of the business partners, to be retained to illustrate the history of the firm since the original models were made in 1932. Most of the range of bus kits pioneered by Anbrico have since been introduced in complete form, in various liveries, by several diecast firms, and can be seen in model shops throughout the UK and in various other countries.

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