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AMT STTMP USS Enterprise

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Hi,now that Polar Lights is making the huge movie refit Enterprise,I have a couple of great memories.In early 1980 Lesney AMT released the gorgeous 22 inch long movie refit Enterprise kit complete with rainbow effect decals rub down transfers and working saucer lights and it captured the movie Enterprise very well.I built several and it was designed were if you weren't a super modeler you could still make an attractive model.3 years later Ertl bought AMT and reissued this model after taking a sledge hammer to it by adding their awful aztec or platting pattern and they added more problems to the model,the warp drive nacelle struts were now out of alligment and unless you did some work the nacelles would be screwed up and the details that Ertl attempted to add backfired,they took a good model and messed it up.Polar Lights has done excellent with the other Star Trek models and I know Their Movie refit Enterprise in 1/350 scale will be great and big and accurate,Guy Schlicter.
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Don't want to break the bubble Guy, but the ol'smoothy (STTMP model) has just as many inaccuracies as its subsequent releases. Aside from NOT having the insane grid lines found on other releases, the model is basically the same which unfortunately includes all the inaccuracies. And there are PLENTY of them. MOst of them can be corrected by using after market parts sold by DLM (Dons Light and Magic). And some you must correct yourself, like correcting the inaccurate grid lines on the secondary hull. Or lengthening the nacelles to be scale accurate. There are many flaws to the model that with a little work, and perseverance can be corrected.
Whole books have been written about fixing that kit....
It won't be worth the effort after PL's kit comes out.
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