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AMSI, aka AMSI International Products Inc of Woburn, Massachusettes marketed "Muscle Wheels" in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This series range was made up of castings made by Universal and Wheeler. The back of their blister cards follow in the Universal Kidco format.

The (4) castings in their "Old-Time Classics" series are designated by an "LB" (Champions) identifier on their metal base plates. They were also available from Larami, and others (?). As a Larami offering they are known to be based on the Richie Rich comic book series. They are thought to be Universal made castings with the first (3) listed here being based on former Tomica offerings. Known castings are - a Bugatti, a Morgan, a Packard, and a Rolls Royce convertible.

Sourced references -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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