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Amb Personal Transponders

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Am wondering who has the amb personal transponders.And about what is cost? been looking and cannot find anyone that has them.Thanks
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The Hobby Connection in Easley,SC has some. Not sure of the price exactly, somewhere in the $80 range. 864-295-1209
Also you can check with Dale at AAA Hobby Supply. # 423-323-1513

my local shop sells them for 73 bucks.. not overpriced like all others ive seen.. u can order online fromt hem to.. www.trackside.com or call them and they ship the stuff out... just tell them what u need and they will tel u if it is in stock..
Wonder if these were bought before the price increase January 1st however? We got some before that (one left) and have been selling them for $70 but if we get any more the price is going to go up to $80. The first of the year AMBs pricing went up on all their items. $73 is the previous retail on them.
Steel City Hobbies sells Personal Transponders... We are placing an order this week at our newest location (PA)... I did not hear anything of a price jump but we will check to make sure so we can pass as much of any discount onto the racers. We had one left in stock as of last week, so call the store to check (MD store)... PA store will be ordering this week.
Have fun.
Check the AMB website www.amb-it.com/amb.asp The price before the first of the year was $73 and retail is now $83. When we bought our new decoder it cost us $1824 and now the price is $1930 so prices did go up. :)
OvalmanPA. Appreciate got it coming.
It's boxed up and ready to go. :)
hmmm when i bought mine originally a few years back..(first year) it was like 55 bucks... looks like amp is upping the price quite a bit... they sell quite a few at our track, so im sure they are ordered this year after the up price.. maybe our track is just selling them closer to cost...
..I checked last week with AMB, they had 2 deals...

Purchase 10 or more via the telephone...$69.00 each plus $13.00 shipping...

Purchase them individually via the internet they were $83.00 and currently FREE SHIPPING.

I was trying to purchase my AMBrc decoder prior to the NEW YEAR because they informed me the prices were going up 15% last January...that appeared to be about correct.

(Original introductory price if memory serves me was $49.00 for personal transponders) and everyone said...."ANYONE WHO RACES CAN AFFORD a MERE $49.00, now they are almost DOUBLE~ and most places you don't have a choice now...
The price increases are due to the exchange rate between the American dollar and the Euro.
so they say.. from 50 to 80+ why hasnt any other rc products gone up this much due to the increase..

i think amb is just trying to cash in more on a good idea...they know we will buy them and use them.. and they offer setups for tracks now so u have to buy one.. and they are the best ... so why not...
If you ask me their items are WAY out of line on price but what are you going to do? They are basically the only game in town. :( I was really hoping the KO system would prove a real threat to AMB so maybe the competition would drive down price but it appears the KO system was a dismal flop.
It seems for the past few years every 9 months I get another letter from AMB saying they are increasing their prices. I swear to God its the same letter all the time. They keep giving the same 2 reasons...increased production costs and the exchange rate.

OvalmanPA is right. They are the only game in town, so I guess they feel they can do whatever they want. I mean they do make a good product. But I just don't see how they can justify a $30 increase in the past 2 years for personal transponders.

AMB is based in Europe and the price increase reflects the change in the exchange value between Euro and US$.

Martin Paradis
I know they are made in Europe. But if the exchange rate is the only reason, then why haven't all the products from Europe nearly doubled in price over the past 2 years?

I am not saying the exchange rate isn't a part of it. The euro has risen in value after being so low for the first 24 months of its use. But the PT price increase has far outpaced the rise in the euro value.

Give it 2 more years and these things will be $100...

Personal or not Personal?

From owning 2 AMBrc systems... you guys are right... there are no current knock-off's around... As a AMB dealer/user, we too are stuck to the pricing that anyone (you) can get directly from AMB. 10 or more Personal Transponders you can get them cheaper, otherwise, $83 beans for one as of 9.29.4. We have a few left in our PA store, and are about to order 10 more. If anyone is interested, stop in or call/email.
AMB suggested to us (and other tracks) to raise the entry fee of racing from $10.00 to 12... This would add encouragement for racers to purchase a personal. Although that is an idea, I can't see doing that personally. Although if you are really into racing, this adds an "identity" to you, almost like a social security number... and would travel with you wherever you would race. That is, if the system can read personal transponders! There is a national database of racers that is growing. Someday in the very near future race data will be uploaded to a central site. SCH already uploads all of their race data, but not the transponder data. Race computers will be able to have live, updating to either their club website, or the national site designated by AMB.
Interesting technology on the horizon... If you were a serious racer, I would pick up a personal transponder so you can be on the bleeding edge of r/c technology. Just 2¢ worth.
Mike :wave:
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AMB suggested to us (and other tracks) to raise the entry fee of racing from $10.00 to 12... This would add encouragement for racers to purchase a personal. Although that is an idea, I can't see doing that personally.
I'm confused......how do they figure charging my racers more to race will be encouraging them to purchase a PT? :confused: We charge $8 to race now ($4 2nd class, $2 ea additional) and I don't see more people coming in if they have to pay even more for entries. I'm trying to keep this as low cost as possible.
I bet the French are behind this........Boycott France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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