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Aguti was based in Argentina and issued diecasts from the late 1970s through to the early 1990s. Brand names used were Aguti Toys, Loden and Rapitoy.

They are noted to be of a lesser quality than the other Argentinian brand of Buby. The casting range is noted to be look-a-likes of Corgi, Guisval and Matchbox vehicles. Paint colors were subtle shades giving them a sense of realism. They were fitted with speed type wheels with silver or black hubs. The base plates were either plastic or metal and had the Aguti name on them.

The Aguti Toys brand was issued in picture boxes or window boxes. A packaging tag line was "Megria sobre Ruedas" and included different national flags. Loden's were issued in window boxes and Rapitoy (Argentina) used picture boxes.

The last Aguti Toys issued were made without permission from the owners (?) and were noted to be of a minimal production run.

Aguti Toys/Loden

Pininfarina Modulo
Renault 12
Seat 124 Sports Coupe

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