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i purchased some jel claws (for my afx magnatraction cars) from lucky bobs the part # is ST-2050 but they are too wide for my hubs,they fit my life-like and tyco cars perfectly,
is it posibble they were packaged wrong?
the package states fit: afx magnatracion # st 2050
any suggestions?
i am currently using weird jack afx silicones and they fit perfect.

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tire options

i really like supertires and the private label tires from BudsHo (i think they are from Penn Valley Hobby).

Bud's AW/JL Tjet 500 tires work great on 250 rims as tires for my Super G's, at least on my Max track. ending diameter is about 430, which is too low for some tracks.

i tried Gel Claws. they made me sad.

i have lots of tires from weird jack, but eventually stopped using them. if you store his tires on the car for an extended period of time, they stretch. some of my cars sits for a while, and its annoying when a hardly run set of tires fly off due to stretching.
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