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The third round of the Norwegian winter series was held at Skien fritidspark in Skien last weekend, having a club race on Saturday and National series race on Sunday. The races was open for 4 classes, Modified, Pro Stock, 1:12 Track and EP Buggy. The track was approximately 500m2, having a lot of grip and a challenging layout. The fastest lap in modified was 10.2 seconds by Xray-driver Adrian Berntsen. In modified it was Xray-driver Adrian Berntsen who took the TQ, winning all qualification rounds in front of Tamiya-driver Petter Berntsen in 2nd and Corally-driver Øyvind Stussdal in 3rd.

A-main 1
In the first final it was Adrian Berntsen, Petter Berntsen and Øyvind Stussdal who were fastest and started to pull away from the rest of the drivers. After 2 laps, no one could do anything with Adrian, leading from start to finish. After 5 minutes it was Adrian who took the win in A-main 1, 1 lap in front of Øyvind Stussdal in 2nd and Christer Antonsen in 3rd.
A-main 2
In the second final, once again, it was Adrian Berntsen, Petter Berntsen and Øyvind Stussdal who where fastest and started to pull away. Also this time Adrian dominated the final, winning with 2 laps, in front of Petter Berntsen and Øyvind Stussdal battling for 2nd place. After 3.5 minutes, it was Petter who could take 2nd place, 2 seconds in front of Øyvind in 3rd.
A-main 3
In the third and last final, Adrian had already won the race. But also this final Adrian won with 2 laps, in front of Christer Antonsen in 2nd and Petter Berntsen in 3rd. Overall, 3 drivers could have the 2nd place, Petter Berntsen, Christer Antonsen and Øyvind Stussdal. But having the fastest end time in one of the finals, made Petter taking 2nd place and Christer in 3rd, while Øyvind got the 4th place.
Modified overall result:
1. Adrian Berntsen – Xray T3
2. Petter Berntsen – Tamiya
3. Christer Antonsen – Yokomo
4. Øyvind Stussdal – Corally
5. Thorbjørn Jørgensen – Corally
6. Joakim Nicolaisen – Xray T2′009
7. Oskar Alexander Fjeld – Corally
8. Jon-Åge Olsen – Hot Bodies
9. Marius Nicolaisen – Xray T3
Thanks to Adrien Bernsten for the report.

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