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Anyone ever this picture before?

Yes, the wheels are turning and turning! :devil:


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Hmmm...I see a modified MPC kit in my future. :D
Please post some photos when you can. :thumbsup:
Please post some photos when you can. :thumbsup:
I'll have some in-progress shots soon. :)
A few in-progress shots. The legs being modified; the "whole" leg is fitted with a platform to fit the only parrot mini I can find.

The vest is made from felt and the hat was made by an acquaintance; the hat still needs shaping.

I've just given the body and legs a coat of grey in order to cover up the putty from showing through the white paint still to come but I have a nasty seam still showing in an obvious viewing angle.


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I love it! Looking forward to more pics.

Working on painting now. No new pics yet; I won't be able to do pics till later in the week or Saturday, when the contest is.
First completed pic

Here's the result of the last month of off-and-on (seemingly mostly off) work of my entry for the Western Regional Finals: Arr2-D2.

The inspiration was a drawing That I posted earlier of a "Pirate R2-D2" called "Aar2-D2" on the "Set Phasers to LOL" section of the Cheezburger Network; the home of the LOLcats. I remembered an old R2 model build I had from the original model release in 1977, making this model 35 years old and definitely worse for wear in all that time. It didn't take much to tear it apart, rebuild and repair where necessary. The most radical change was chopping off one "foot" and making a peg leg as per the drawing. I stripped all the chrome except for the dome. Painting was a bit hurried, but I wasn't going for a technically fine finish. After all... he IS a pirate and less in perfect shape!

Part of the peg leg was a piece of wood cut to size and shaped into a taper. The peg part of the leg was a modified Shaker-style post from Michaels. The vest and eyepatch are simple felt cut to size; the eyepatch cord is pinstriping tape.

The parrot is from a Jungle playset. While a bit large and with partially deployed wings, I build a small platform to help sit it on Aar2. Finally, the hat was made by my ex-wife, who kindly agreed to assist me with this part of the project.

While Aar2 did not win in his category, he DID win a Special Award - the "Rib-Tickler" award for best humorous entry! I was told that "this entry was SOOO bad (pun-wise), it was painful!" LOL! That means I DID succeed in my attempt for all-out comedy!

It was hard to get all-around good pics of Aar2 at the show and even on the workbench. I'll get some better pics done tomorrow or so and post them then.


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Congratulations on the award. Looks like a fun build!
cute idea. just need a c3po
I think you mean a SEA-3PO. :p

Nice work Warp, and congratulations on the award! :thumbsup:
Thank you!!!

"Aar-2" was a lot of fun to do. He almost didn't make it, but he came together at the last moment (in more ways than one) to make the show.

The pun was almost too much for the contest people. I still consider him to be a resounding personal success! But I'm moving on to other projects: several long-neglected Trek kits and an AMT/Ertl 1/72 KC-135A Stratotanker that I was lucky enough to score in the dealer's area! :thumbsup:

Edward, I DO have a C-3PO, along with another R2. Both need repairs. I was thinking of leaving those 2 original as they are iconic robots now. Just hate the gold colour plastic C-3PO is in. Never could figure out how to get the right look to him.
i don't know what colors they came in.
in the movies i seen other colored units.
all silver on the radder in star wars 4 new hope
c-3po gold
death star black.
Makes me think, if R2 were an actor himself, what other roles could he play?

We now see he can do Jack Sparrow, Captain Kidd or the swashbuckler. How would R2 look in a gangster role? Could R2 play the romantic lead? How about the cop about to retire but is called to action one last time? This could have potential!

"Of all the droid pits in all the galaxy, she had to roll into mine." :dude:
("Is my eye really blue?" LOL for Casablanca fans!)

R2 will need some language coaching, but if they could work wonders for Arnold, they can get R2 up to speed no prob.
Congratulations, Barry! I think he turned out looking great. :thumbsup:
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