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<Experimented with a bit of modeling in polymer/wood/metal casting>

A Traveling Dime Museum of Dr. Gulkoff (a distributor of therapeutic tonics and a printer of pleasing paraphernalia) welcomes visitors and voyeurs since MMXVI.

This compact cabinet of curiosities guarantees world greatest wonders, for but a single dime!*

>A short video:

*Kids, veterans, elderly and those expressly enthusiastic get a free pass.

Owing to it's prodigious name, most of the specimen are knock-offs and forgeries of real or cryptozoological beings, figures of literary fiction and flights of fancy.

Don't forget to take a sip of Dr Gulkoff's Patented Restorative Tonic!

Alleviates Ailments, Motorizes Members, Purifies Scents
80 Proof, Secret Gyptian Receipt

The specimen are mostly inspired by mythology and literature, like a shrunken piece of the shagreen skin, or a Lilliput skull.

The tonic is currently just vodka infused with some anise seeds and sugar (experiments with more complicated concoctions weren't particularly successful).
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