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I still think this is the best thread in the diecast section of HobbyTalk. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to its content!

This morning, I am in the process of restoring the previously blurred images that were moved to the fubared thread in 2019. They still have their hosting site water mark across the center of the image but that has also been lessened - in its size and brightness. I have moved nearly 1000 images back here today and this has helped restore most of the page continuity for the consecutive letter sequences up through June of 2014.

I still have about about 100 pages to review and should be done by the end of the day. The other broken links, missing and empty image posts are still in the Fubared (A to Z Diecast Free for All) Images thread.

If you have never been through the whole thread (or havent done so in awhile) it is well worth the time it takes to browse through the 2000+ images posted here! Many of the castings shown by our members - I have only ever seen in this thread.

I also like to take notice of how many of them I have in my own collection.

2621 - 2640 of 2667 Posts