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After completing my first little custom, I got to wondering how people go about swapping axles on the metal base cars. How do you pop that axle out w/o bending it? Any help would be most appreciated!



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Here You Go...From Swifty' Garage "Customizing Tips"

Posted: Apr 13 2007, 10:14 PM


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WOW! It's been some time since this thread has had anything added.

Let me try to offer some tips to axel removal, and axel repair/replacement...

It is often asked by experienced and novice customizers " How do I remove the axels/wheels from the base (metal) of a casting? Those little metal "axel holdowns" can be a real pain,unless you have found simple ways to remove them...I prefer the following DREMEL bits to grind them out/off & release the axels in one piece (set). Here are the bits I reccomend...

They will grind thru the holddowns and release the axels, if you happen to go a little to deep, you can use a length of tubing (brass in this pic) to super glue the ends back in, and repair the axel.

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Jeff Fleetwood/aka/DR.DREMEL
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