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A question for advanced Figure Painters

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Just finishing up my Oddjob figure (the 1:12 Airfix re-issue, not the PL one), the head on this kit was moulded without any raised details for hair(like a bald head).

If you are familiar with the movie Goldfinger, Oddjob has a little bit of hair slicked up on top of his head, and the rest is a severe crew cut, a la early Mike Tyson. The back and sides are completely shaved. When he has his bowler hat on he looks bald.

Ideally I would like to paint the hair like the movie Oddjob, but without the raised details my plan is just to paint it to look like an extreme crew cut all over.

I have already painted the skin tone with acrylics and am happy with the result. I definitely do not want to muck it up. My questions to all you gurus are:

1) What is the best way to do a crew cut? Keep in mind I DO NOT own an airbrush. I have thought of 3 ways I could try after masking the head -- the old toothbrush flicking trick (with an acrylic or ink wash), using a sponge to dabble on the head (ditto), or using pencil crayons (to draw the stubble on directly). Which is the best method and if none, do you have a better suggestion?

2) Is it a good idea to put a coating of clear satin on the skin tone before doing the hair, so as not to muck it up?? I read somewhere before that you should always use a satin coating to simulate the shine of human skin anyway. Will the coating have a detrimental effect on acrylic paint or crayons sticking to the surface of the model? Keep in mind I am using acrylic paints only and no airbrush.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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mask off all the areas you DON't want to look like the head stubble. use a tooth brush with a little medium gray/brown and you'll notice when rubbing your finger across the bristles that it will produce some fine splatter. keep you figure a foot or two away and under the brush. Identify the correct area by first using some white paper under the area to 'make sure' of the type of spatter you get.
Cool idea!
Make sure to practice on some scrap paper first!

While we're at it..

Here's one I've really been puzzling over. I have a Napoleon Solo ready to go and I want to take extra care with the likeness. How do you paint black hair with highlights so that it doesn't look like a black rubber hair-shaped cap? It seems to me that dark brown over or under wouldn't show; besides, you look at the show and the highlights are almost white.

I've seen one amazing technique for blonde hair that involved an undercoat of yellow ochre, but I've never seen a good one for black hair. It would be useful for Superman as well.

Please help.
I have Brown drybrushed over Black on my Aurora Superman and it looks very natural. You might have to experiment with the shade of brown that you use, however. You don't want it to be too dark so it doesn't show up at all against the black... but, you don't want it to contrast too sharply, either. You also don't want to 'over-do' it. The Black should dominate and the Brown should merely accentuate.

My 2nd question

Thanks, Y3A and Dave, now could somebody please answer my 2nd question about the Satin finish: that is would it help or hinder if I coat the skin tone first before doing the toothbrush splatter. Thanks again in advance.

I have only used Clear gloss (Future) before, never tried matt nor satin clear.
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