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TheYoshinator! said:
I think the lack of a glowing Bussard on the TMP E was a result of time constraints and the indecision on how to resolve the new look. As can be seen in MJ's Phase II designs he had intended it to glow there as it did on the TOS E.

It just simply glowing there may have seemed boring in their eyes- if it didn't have some action to it and simply glowed. Even the new dish had some action to it. It was suposed to transition from a TOS-like Gold to it's final TMP-Blue (It just didn't read well the way they ended up showing it.).
No, the decision on the engines was a very deliberate one (stupid in my view), absolutely locked in nearly two years prior to the film's release. Richard Taylor (no relation to the Richard Taylor at WETA now) was Robert Abel's art director, and he was in charge (over Probert) on the redesign from a time (roughly dec 77) BEFORE "in thy image" scaled up into TMP. He specifically took charge of certain areas, especially the engines, so they reflect EXACTLY what he wanted (except for the changes that were added after Abel's removal, mainly the spotlights.)

I dont' know where you've heard about the dish supposedly changing color in the same shot, but that's a new one on me. It is certainly two different colors in the film, but nobody I've talked with has ever copped to WHY that is the case (though if you figure warp power being online as being what makes the dish blue, the continuity holds up about 75% of the time.)
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