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Well, sorta...
I've been wanting one of those variable power supplies that everyone talks about, but in these times, I just can't swing it.
After a year with a 24v battery setup, and a resistor, it's time for a change.
The main resistor, in combination with more than one controller, amplifies the surge effect really bad.
So, here's the solution...

It's a 24v battery supply for an electric pallet jack.
I got it on a trade in and the batteries are practically brand new.

I will keep the main circuit of 24v so I can use the battery charger.
These are 6v batteries, so I will run a tap off of each positive for my track power.
I'll use a 3 way selector switch, which will give me 12v, 18v, and 24v.
I could possibly use this to power two tracks.

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It'll be fine Rich!

I've been using a 24v "Lester" battery charger from a floor scrubber for several years now. It's been fandammtastic. Has an old school timer on it ....set it and forget it.

Cars run great! No wheezy spots in the track!
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