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I hope no one minds that I'm reposting this from another forum. I figured I haven't shared it here yet so with any luck it will be of interest. A few people here may have already seen it elsewhere.

Chapter 1

"Why would someone waste money trying to upgrade such an old piece of crap." echoed across the parking lot.
"I think my mom had one of those, but we were poor when I was a kid too. Haha, what's your excuse?!"

AJ looked out with a mixture of disinterest and scorn at the skinny teenager barking at him from behind the wheel of a Lamborghini. He was joking with the passengers in the vehicle beside him, a large Cadillac SUV.

Finally AJ started, "Excuse? Why would I need an excuse? I like my EF9. Besides, you're not suggesting your bloated banker's toy can beat my Civic on the mountain pass, are you?"

"Dude, it's a Gallardo."
"...it's got 600hp and all wheel drive..."
"You don't even get it d-"
'It weighs a tonne and a half, my car weighs nearly half that. There's only one straight where your 600hp will mean a thing. If you think your victory is so assured than why are you so interested in backing out?'

The kid's face twisted in anger for an instant before he stalked towards the green Lamborghini. "Fine, I'll take your challenge. Let's see your mountain pass." The door closed with a heavy thud as the Gallardo started towards the parking lot exit. Following them was a large convoy, the Escalade followed by a camouflage EF9 and a yellow Nissan 510 with a matte black AE86 Corolla and Vega making up the rear.

The cars slowly snaked their way up the hill, the Lamborghini sometimes pulling ahead on the steeply inclined route. As they made their way past the steep section they entered a narrow portion of road that winds it's way for 4 kilometres through dense pine forest. Finally they reached the turn around point; the drive way of a closed ski resort.

Ashley lead the kid back down and through the course for practise. The tight, technical layout of the road was starting to sink in to him. Already he was having trouble with keeping up in some sections and this wasn't even a race.

The high-revving 4 cylinder screamed interrupted only occasionally by the bark of the 10 cylinder engine. After the final three switchbacks the two cars came to a stop at a Royal gas station.

'So, that's the course. Let's head back to the top.'
The kid leered over, "How be after this we head back t-"
'How be you swallow the end of that sentence before you're swallowing your teeth.', Ashley snipped with her eyes flashing; immediately ending the kid's attempt at flirting.

Tires squealed as Ashley dumped the clutch in the Corolla. It shot up the side of the mountain, green Gallardo at it's heels.

Chapter 2

AJ watched the Corolla and Gallardo pull away. The black and silver Corolla screamed, it's Formula Atlantic spec 4AGE engine buzzing up to nearly 11 000 rpms before the sequential shifter was pulled for the next gear. He could tell by watching Ashley might not be racing, but she's definitely making a quick pass.

"I hope she doesn't scare him off before the battle even starts." he mused to himself.

The Civic sat idling; it's lumpy, harsh note at idle giving away the highly tuned nature of the 1600cc engine under the bonnet. The car's new aero parts might get their first test today. While the course was mostly comprised of slow, technical corners the first few kilometres were much quicker with more flowing, fast corners. The large wing on the hatch and airdam on the front were subtle but telling indicators of this car's nature. While some more ignorant observers may assume they were non-functional, looking closely it was easy to tell this little breadbox was built for cornering speed and not aesthetics.

Finally headlights appeared over the crest in the distance. The Corolla and Gallardo pulled into the ski resort driveway. Ashley stepped out of the Corolla, her tiny frame disguising the size of the small Toyota. Inside the Gallardo the tension was growing as suddenly the kid was realizing his chance at victory wasn't nearly as assured as he had thought. He started to move the car slowly out towards the road.

'Since the road is so narrow we'll start nose to tail. You can choose to lead or to follow. We stay nose to tail until the first corner and then go maximum attack.
If the chasing car manages to pass the leading car the chasing car wins. If the leading car manages to pull ahead significantly by the goal the lead car wins. If no one passes and no one pulls away we'll return to the top, switch places and run again. Understood?'

"I guess I'll lead.", he said, edging the Gallardo ahead of the Civic.

Chapter 3


The two cars started off at a healthy pace, accelerating to roughly 100km/h as they headed down the narrow road. As they entered the first corner suddenly the still of the night was ripped apart by the scream of the two racers. AJ kept his cool, shifting early at 9500 rpms. He didn't want to show his entire hand yet, especially during the portion where he was at a disadvantage.

The cars tore down the narrow band of twisting tarmac. Corner after corner passed with the Lamborghini steadily opening a lead. By the the first bridge the Gallardo was ahead by 200 metres. AJ watched the gap slowly increase and breathed deeply, this wasn't unanticipated but at the same time it was hard to resist the urge to pursue more aggressively.

Exiting a corner and passing over a crest the Gallardo flew airborne briefly; the driver appearing unsteady as the car landed with a thump and a shudder. AJ's eyes narrowed as he passed over the same crest, the Civic going airborne, flying several metres before landing. The Civic landed much more cleanly and immediately was back at wide open throttle.

The Civic's rate of acceleration tapered off as it entered the most disadvantageous part. Despite the tightly packed, short gear ratios the torque difference between the two cars was just too much to be made up; a small uphill section divided the two downhill portions.

AJ counted out as the Lamborghini passed a telephone pole. '1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... only eight seconds. We're in position. Let's hope I don't lose more time with this hill.'

The Lamborghini blasted up the hill, pulling away at the exits of the gentle corners. Over the crest and down a long, straight bridge over a valley they screamed. The slight downhill slope of the bridge gave the Civic a much needed boost and soon it was at terminal velocity, over 240km/h. The Gallardo however soon was up to 270km/h. AJ noticed the reserved caution of the Lamborghini driver and smiled.

'That thing is fast. Unbelievably fast. I was worried he'd kill me on this straight but I guess he doesn't want to see how fast that thing can go. I don't blame him. Things are different above 300k.'

As they neared the end of the bridge there was a sharp, left hand corner leading to a tunnel. AJ watched as the Lamborghini braked hard, the kid braking more aggressively than he had ever before. The car became unstable under braking and AJ closed the gap at the corner.

Inside the Gallardo the kid's eyes narrowed, "Am I going insane?! I have more than twice as much power as that old piece of junk. No one can corner that fast. I don't believe this!"

Into the dark tunnel they drove; their headlights cutting into the darkness like glowing daggers. The tunnel echoed with the sound of high revs. AJ decided that now he could finally show his full hand and opened the throttle wider, the engine finally stretching it's legs to the limit; the dentist drill buzz of the little VTEC mill spinning to 11k piercing the night.

Chapter 4

Fenris leaned against the fender of the bright yellow Bluebird. Despite growing older he never lost his love for speed. His Bluebird had slowly been built and tweaked to perfection, it's body bearing the scars of decades of hard use. As he watched his son and the Gallardo driver tear off into the night he thought about the situation. The younger driver of the Lamborghini couldn't have been driving for more than a few years; how familiar could he be with driving that car on the limit?

"Do you really think it's fair?"
Fenris looked at the young prodigy for a moment, 'For which one?'
Ashley laughed, "That car might be fast for a street car but this course has a lot of tight sections. Power won't make you corner faster. That kid looked like he wouldn't know what camber angle even means, let alone why it might matter."
'Ashley, as always your insight is spot on. A few more practice runs might have helped him as well, but this road isn't too hard to learn. On a race track things would be different and the power difference would be too much but on the mountain pass things are different. Even if your car can go 300km/h or more how many opportunities are there to go that fast? And the faster you go the sooner you have to start to slow down and the more stress placed on the tires and brakes. Normal road cars, even high performance ones, have brake compounds suited to normal driving. They experience fade after extended high performance driving; high weight only aggravates the situation. A light race car that gets driven on the road can get away with race compound brakes because at low speeds it will still have decent braking performance with cold brakes and it will have race car quality braking once they heat up if it's being driven fast and hard.'

Drederick chimed in, "On top of that the tires make a huge difference. Those R-compound tires have so much more grip than even the best performance tires. They're expensive and they don't last very long but they're the next best thing to race tires for when we take the cars out to test. I'm surprised the kid didn't notice the big white Goodyear logos and complain that Warbird basically has road legal racing tires on. Or notice the stupidly aggressive suspension setup. If it was anymore aggressive up front his car would start to look hellaflush."

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The first four chapters might be below this post...

Chapter 5

Suddenly in the distance a white speck became visible. Both drivers kept the gas floored as they neared the growing glow of the tunnel exit. The transition to daylight blinded both drivers as they shot out of the tunnel.

The Gallardo braked hard for the corner sending up puffs of smoke from it's tires. The Civic barrelled into the corner hard, left foot braking to avoid understeer.

As the cars came upon the final three switchbacks the Civic nipped at the heels of the much heavier supercar. AJ dove into the first hairpin, using his emergency brake and inertia to slide through. Both cars spitting fire as the drivers downshifted for the corner.

Inside the Gallardo the kid was beside himself and racing frantically. They tore down the short straight, the high revving hatchback taking advantage of it's short gearing to get the most from it's not-so-torquey short-stroke 1600cc engine. The two cars were running nose-to-nose with the Civic taking the inside.

Approaching the corner the two cars dove in fast. AJ turned the wheel towards the outside of the turn and braked before rapidly turning into the turn, sending the car sliding through the corner in a perfect Scandinavian flick.

As the Civic cut ahead the kid raged inside. How dare someone in an old econobox embarrass his supercar?!

He stepped harder on the gas. The tires, already at their limits squawked in protest as the back end of the car broke out of traction. As the car started to spin it encountered the shoulder made up of sand and gravel. Slipping turned into an uncontrolled spin and the Lamborghini slid off the road, smashing through a bush and stopping before the edge of the cliff. In the distance the Civic's brake lights lit up as it slowed to a stop.

Inside the crashed Gallardo the kid sat, his chest thumping harder than it ever had before. Tears welled up in his eyes for an instant as he collected himself. Getting out of the car he glanced at AJ as he walked towards the damaged Lamborghini. The damage was superficial and the car would be drivable, but it was stuck trapped in the bushes.

'If you wait here I'll radio to the top and we'll get you winched from the bushes. Do you have a tow-hook that's easy to access or will we need to get at one of the ones under the car?'
His voice shaking the kid replied, "I dunno man. I don't work on the car, I just drive it."
'Don't worry about it. We'll find them.'

Moments later a wrecker arrived and tugged the Lamborghini from the bushes. Except for some damage to the airdam and some foliage stuck in the body work the car had emerged relatively unscathed.

Before he drove off the kid shouted, "Just believe me man. I'll be back and I'll show you how good I really am."

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While I still giggle at the disproportional concept, this was a BLAST! The pics are super fun (now they make sense seeing them in context) and your writing is wonderful!!!!!! I so hope you will do more, I sincerely look forward to another enjoyable read. Thanks for the post.

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The underdog overcoming all is a shout-out to Initial D, where a AE86 Corolla whoops all comers, including Skylines, Lan-Evos, RX-7s, ect. Since Initial D is what drew me so deep into racing I always like to drop subtle references to it.

I'm glad you liked the writing, it was basically a one-shot I wrote at work with only a rough idea for the pictures. I might have given it a proof-read, but I'm not sure.

I might have to do a sequel; after all the kid said he'd be back and I've got faster cars to show off. If enough people are interested I'll put something together.
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