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Checked my PO Box today, and there was a package from Salem, OR.

I had bid on and won a couple of items on the 'Bay from Bud Burleson's personal collection; a Muscle Machines 5th Anniversary set, and a MM "Raw" Mustang. They arrived today. While they may be MM items, this forum was a home to Bud and I hope the moderators can indulge a bit.

I haven't had time to take a pic of the 5th Ann. set, but it's very very nice. Beautiful packaging. And I always wanted a "raw" MM casting. These items will hold a special place in my collection.

Now, the best part.

Tucked in the box was a very touching letter from Bud's son Brad. The family wanted me to know that they have seen all of your posts regarding Bud, and seen all the nice things you folks all had to say about him. They were deeply moved, knowing Bud was so liked and respected here on HT.

They also were deeply touched by the outpouring of support from HT members through their bidding on parts of Bud's collection. They appreciate, no doubt, the funds coming in as a result of so many Hobby Talkers wanting to add a part of Bud's collection to their own.

I don't know if the auctions are done or not (I sent a PM to the person running the auctions), but by all means, please bid on a piece if it isn't. Bud had some great stuff, and the funds are no doubt welcomed by his family as they try to disperse this collection he left behind. I will gladly shill for Bud's family as long as there are items left for sale.

One last word ..... the family is touched that the "box" tradition Bud started will be kept going, and said that it meant a lot to Bud to know that it would. Thanks to all who have signed up for Bud Boxes I & II, and to all who take part in the future.
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