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I hooked up with Rich Friday night where he works to pick up a few of the Sears T-shirts he donated for Saturday's (today, as it is just after 1:30 am) Pinewood Derby. He said something about how they wouldn't fit him, (but we all know how generous he is), so I gladly accepted them.
He also ROAKed me with a few things he thought I would like (he's a good thinker :lol: ), wanted, or just didn't have.
MB new SF Corvette
Cars Sarge
Jada Chrysler 300C Taxi (I've wanted it for my small cab collection, but just never bought one)
HW new Batmobile (again, one I've been hoping to find to add to my small Batmobile collection).

So we sat there on some very comfortable furniture, had a cup of coffee, and talked diecast. The recent excursion with Mark, Dave, & Rob, his recent hunts and finds, Johnny Jam '07, some HT threads, and hopefully a trip to a small diecast show this Sunday.
Next thing ya know, it's been two hours, and we gotta hit the road.
Rich, thanks again for the T-shirts and the ROAKS! I owe you my friend.

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First off, Bill, thanks for the coffee (This guy never shows up empty handed!). It was a pleasure to have Bill cross the bridge to pick up some "Sears" shirts I've been sitting on. After a full day on his job, he stopped in at my night gig, and being the crack salesman that he is (no,I don't mean he sells crack!) he helped me close on a dinette set, my only sale of the night :lol: :lol: :lol:

As for genorosity, Bill every year pulls 60 plus HWs out of his collection to help the scouts in his troop, and tonight turned down an offer of cars so that he wouldn't have to deplete his collection further.

I'm lucky as hell to have guys near me like Bill, Dave Antonelli, Mark Appellof, and ECchopper. First rate guys, all. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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