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Went to the salvation Army to drop off a bunch of stuff that had been piling up around the house today at lunch time. Had to make a couple detours out of the way to get there and thought about turning around at one point and going back to work but all that stuff was loaded in the back of my Yukon so I really wanted to get rid of it.

Well I made it finally and after making the drop I decided to hit a Target that was close by, thinking there couldn't possibly be anything good at this time of day but what the hey, gotta check. Well the same old new stuff that has been at every other Target was hanging there except about four cars back I spy a '72 Pontiac Firebird from the Pony Power series hanging that I hadn't seen yet. Well I pulled it off the peg and flipped it up to see that white base staring back at me.

Oh ya, dancing in the aisle!!! :D First new package WL of the new year.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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