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Hello all, I have the following WL's for trade or sale. In trade, I am looking for Monsters series WL's, BWF Mustang WL, RR Morris Wagon TH's, Silver Cuda TH, Zamacs - Camaro, Madd Propz, Batmobile. Will also look at all other offers as well. Ya never know. Cash is welcome as well. Make an offer.

These are all WL's and all MOMC or very, very close to it unless noted.

Military Muscle 306-01
WWII Panther G Tank - white trackers

Rebel Rods 375-01
Tow Nado - white interior (NOT RR tires)

Muscle Cars 205-04
69 Camaro Convertible - white engine & tinted glass (this one does have a slight paper vein on lower left corner only visible on the front)

Muscle Cars 205-06
62 Chevy Bel-Air - white interior and base (this one has a dinged bottom right corner)

I also have other WL's available if you are looking for specific ones, LMK and I'll see if I have it.

Thanks for looking and PLMK if interested.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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