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Hey All,I have These WL's For Trade:

Coca-Cola Pola Bear 97 Camaro Racer
New Muscle Cars 69 Camaro SS
Classic Gold 83 Hurst Olds x2
Street Freaks IH 91 Honda Civic
Street Freaks Scrapin 59 El Camino
Street Freaks Scrapin 62 Bel Air
Lightning Strike 04 Mits.Lancer Evo.
New Mustang 70 Boss 302
New Mustang 69 Shelby GT 350
American Chopper OCC Gold Jet Bike

I am Looking For Universal Monsters WL's
ANY Mopar WL's
The New HRM Dragster
Coke Orniments Charger
Or LMK What you Have

Please email me at [email protected]

Thanks Don
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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